Cars are incredible feats of engineering, but today many of them are piled on with so much electronics that they lose a bit of their charm. Sure, they are far more environmentally friendly, but the beauty of a new Ford pales in comparison to a Jaguar E-Type

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However, buying a vintage automobile comes with its own set of risks. It’s important to check the engine is sound and equipment functions, but even down to the details. At least that’s what we’re told according to Hai Lim, owner of Kombi Rocks and a serious vintage car collector. Lim’s collection today includes several Volkawagen Kombis (hence the company name), Ferraris, Porsches, Vespas and a Chevvy Impala

According to him, it’s more essential to ensure that things like the body parts, paintwork and interiors are original components than something like the engine block. Those are more commonly available. He’s been known to pursue owners to convince them to sell to him for years at a time. To him, each and every purchase is an emotional investment and he tries not to let go of any of them as far as possible. Unfortunately, he doesn’t quite have unlimited garage space. 

Check out Lim’s interview in the video, and if you’re looking to acquire a vintage vehicle for yourself, you may wish to solicit his advice at Kombi Rocks

This video is brought to you by August Man and Tudor Watch. For more information on Tudor, click here. Special thanks to Kombi Rocks

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How to Choose a Vintage Car
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