Are you still in quarantine? Staying away from crowds for now? These are unprecedented times. The impact and severity of Covid-19 has affected modern society in ways we couldn’t have fathomed for close to two years already. 

And while businesses and some shops are opening up, numbers are at an all-time high. There’s only one thing we can really do to continue keeping safe: stay at home.

It’s a strange time to be alive, that’s for sure. But whether you’re self-isolating, social distancing, working from home, or in actual quarantine, you might be wondering what on earth to do with all this time you’ve got at home. To help you stay sane, here are a few tips or suggestions to help you make this quarantine time a little more productive. Or, at least, just a little more entertaining. 

[Hero and feature image: Rachael Gorjestani/Unsplash]

1. Read 

Time to tackle that near-tumbling stack of books you’ve been meaning to read since 2009.

2. Learn to cook

Because it’s a pretty basic survival skill, to be honest. May we suggest you dish out some Jamie Oliver or learn from the master Massimo Bottura?

3. Call your relatives

Your ma. Your grandma. Your brother living abroad. Ask them all how they’re doing.

4. Clear out those unnecessary photos on your phone

Especially those burst mode photos.

5. Unsubscribe to all those newsletters clogging up your inbox

Just keep Augustman’s weekly newsletter and you’re golden.

6. Watch your favourite TV series again from start to finish

So, Friends?

7. Start a new TV series

We’ve got plenty of suggestions right here.

8. Listen to podcasts while doing the housework

Give your house a deep clean and learn a thing or two on topics like how to start a start-up or Dior.

9. Try to grow a plant

Whether it’s an avocado or a bonsai, house plants offer plenty of well-being benefits.

10. Create a Spotify playlist

This playlist can come in handy even once the pandemic is truly over.

11. Learn a language

Now’s the time to brush up on your Español.

12. Choose five people you haven’t heard from in a year and send them a message

Tough times call for little reunions (on this occasion, by phone).

13. Paint

Pick up a new hobby and start filling your house with masterpieces.

14. Write

It could be a short story, a poem, an essay, or a full on four-part saga. Just get those creative juices flowing.

15. Teach your dog some new tricks

If you’re lucky enough to have some friendly companions in quarantine at home with you, make the most of your quality time together!

16. Start planning your next holiday

There’s no better way to dispel the disappointment of your cancelled vacation than to get to work planning your next big adventure. Get inspired here.

17. Re-arrange and clear out your wardrobe

Time to go all Marie Kondo on your stuff. Here are a few tips on how to de-clutter your home.

18. Start an Instagram blog

Let’s face it: your Insta game’s going to be pretty weak for the time being. Instead, why not start a new account and post about interesting people, edgy artwork, or, you know…memes.

19. Try out TikTok

If you haven’t already, now’s the time to try out TikTok and get creative. After all, some of the best clips on the app have been made out of boredom at home.

20. Give yourself a spa day

You’re probably avoiding spas around this time. But home is just as good a place to give yourself a mani/pedi. Put on a face mask, a hair mask, a body mask. Just mask yourself completely.

21. Practise yoga

Stay fit and at peace.

22. Take an online course

There are so many free courses you can do online, from YouTube to Coursera. You could learn to code or become a pro at Adobe photoshop — anything’s possible.

23. Put your jewellery in order

Or books, or DVDs, or plates and glasses. Just get organised!

24. Throw out old stuff

Start by emptying out a drawer onto the floor. We bet that 50% of the stuff in there is completely useless to you.

25. Learn how to read horoscopes

This could either be part of your online course or you could read up on the ancient practice. This could keep you occupied for days and give you a sense of direction during these confusing times.

26. Play video games

It’s like being back to those endless summer break days from our childhood. See if you can get a new high score.

27. Shop online

Deprived of retail therapy? You never could be in this day and age.

28. Build your own at-home bar

It’d be irresponsible to go out drinking in a crowded bar now, so just take advantage of those alcohol delivery services or get to work on fitting out your very own home bar.

Credit: Kaylah Otto/Unsplash.

29. Make your own alcohol

Actually, with this much time on your hands you might as well start fermenting your own booze. Or if you’re a teetoler, try making kombucha, yoghurt, or keffir.

30. Discover new music

Perhaps some jazz might make staying indoors during your quarantine a bit more bearable?

This article originally appeared on Lifestyle Asia Bangkok.

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