SVLTAN Management is the brainchild of Yasmeen Zainal, who was previously the manager for award-winning rapper, songwriter, producer, and August Man Men of the Year, Altimet. SVLTAN Management draws from her prowess and skill in managing as well as promoting the talents.

After working seamlessly together over the past seven years, Altimet knew that Yasmeens talents could be pushed beyond her role. The Creative Multimedia graduate who had proven herself time and time again – as the executive producer for three of his albums, stage manager to two of his performances at Anugerah Juara Lagu, being tour manager for his shows in London and the US –  on top of securing endorsement deals, handling his branding and marketing, as well as working together with the media and various global companies.

Yasmeen attributes being Altimets manager as the reason behind wanting to start her own management company. Ive always been passionate about the entertainment industry, and being his manager gave me further insight into how it all works. It was a 360 role that covered every aspect of his career, and its been amazing to watch it all grow,” says the CEO of the company.

We speak two the two Men of the Year, Altimet and chef Sherson Lian along with A-Lister Kyren Thomas, more famously known by his stage name, Saint Kylo, who are all part of SVLTAN.

Altimet was named Men of the Year in 2016

Tell us more about SVLTAN and what it means to you

SVLTAN is something I often talk about with my friends in the creative industry, which is that us creatives are in need of proper management. And one of the things we all agree about is the fact that as we move towards a developed nation status, we’re going to need more people to manage creatives out there.

You know that when you become a developed nation, people in the trades are going to move up the socio-economic ladder, and one way for creatives to do the same is to have proper management.

So when Yasmeen came up to tell me that she’s going to start her own talent management agency, I told her, ‘That’s great! And I’m going to support you all the way.’

Our job is also to build talents from the ground up, and with the expertise of everyone within the team, I think we’ve definitely got what it takes.

Why the name SVLTAN, with a V?

Ok, V because it’s very hip la! When you use a V in place of a U, things just automatically become that much cooler. At least that’s what my kids tell me.

Why SVLTAN, I think it’s because ti serves two purposes. When you say the word sultan in Malaysia, everyone would understand it, it’s the highest rank. Then when you say sultan to an outsider, most people would be able to guess what it means. Of course there’s synonyms like tsar and what not, but that’s not from our part of the world.

And one of my favourite rappers also came up with this line, which I thought was amazing. He was talking about his son, and he sang, ‘True kings raise new kings.’

What is your role in SVLTAN?

Well for this first year, we’re just trying to find our footing, so to speak, and my role for now is to be the heavy lifter. Basically I’m talking one for the team, and doing more jobs to increase our revenue at the moment. Of course, I can also help with the talents by giving them advise and feedback from my experience within the industry.

What are the plans for SVLTAN?

In the short term we want to brand ourselves right to the people in the creative industry. We want it known that with SVLTAN you get a certain level of service and expectation that comes with having your own talent agency. Then in the long term, we just want our clients to get to the next level in the fields.

Can you share some of your upcoming projects?

Well I’ve been doing quite a bit of songwriting and I’ve offered myself to help another artist with his album, and I’m also trying to get Saint Kylo to do a Malay song. He’s still himself, but just in a different language. I think that might help his growth in a creative sense.

Like for me, when I started writing songs in Malay, it shifted my perspective and understanding of things which aided my creativity.

There’s a reason I didn’t go into talent management before, but now I feel like I want to help others, and to have talents who achieve more than me. If I get to do that, then I win.

Sherson Lian
sherson lian
Sherson Lian too was Men of the Year in 2016

Tell us more about SVLTAN

Well Yasmeen is a dear friend of mine, and she told me about a year plus or so ago, about her intention to start her own thing. So finally when she took this bold step to become an entrepreneur, I decided that I’m going to and want to support this endeavour.

Tell me a bit about your role in SVLTAN

Technically I’m the coolie la. (laughs) Well I’m an artist as well, and the fact that Yasmeen has managed someone from the cooking field for some time, she definitely has the right experience to manage a celebrity chef.

I therefore had no qualms joining SVLTAN, because I know that the lack of experience is not going to be an issue. And I also like to think that a can be a little voice she can turn whenever she needs. But yea basically I’m one of the artists under the management company as well.

How does SVLTAN benefit those around it?

Although we’re still a bit young, but I think we’ve our vision of how a certain culture should be in the industry and how talent management should be done properly.

The reason why I’ve never signed up with a talent management company previously because I didn’t think that it would suit me. But with Yasmeen, she convinced me on how good talent management helps.

The right talent manager is supposed to be out there trying to get you jobs and helps you shape and carve your image and brand, rather than just be another PA-cum- manager. That’s what I’ve seen in the past, which is what I didn’t want.

And once we’ve been in the industry for long, I’m sure we’ll be able to convince others that this is how it’s supposed to be.

saint kylo
kyren thomas
Saint Kylo was part of the A-List 2017 experience

What does SVLTAN mean to you?
SVLTAN to me represents a group of people being guided by a great mentor (Altimet) who is sharing his knowledge and wisdom with us, and it’s a collective of people with like-minded goals and visions and it’s like a family.

What is your role in SVLTAN

So, I’m the singer, artist, performer, I’m the crazy young one. And I’m getting to know a lot more about the industry and am learning how to be better thanks to their guidance.

Like Altimet is also wanting to get me to sing in Malay, and for me music, it doesn’t matter what language it’s in, but I definitely want to put out a Malay song. In fact I got one demo that I’m working on, and yea, it’ll be a funky, fun Malay song.

What are your goals with SVLTAN?

Well for now I’ve already completed my first solo-single and am in the process of releasing it. Then to continuously drop music regularly, and I’m also working on covers and content for my social media pages, and I’m really looking back to doing shows.

My long terms goals are that I want to win some awards, release an album, and hopefully touring overseas. I really want to tour abroad, so yea.

How does SVLTAN benefit the artists?

Well they’re really doing things amazingly well, and professionally, it’s a whole new level honestly. Like it’s just started, but when the ball gets rolling, I’m sure SVLTAN will lift the entire creative scene to a higher level.

written by.
Aaron Pereira
Digital Editor
This fine chocolate man, (that is a connoisseur of fine chocolates) prefers real-life conversations and living off-screen, but is slowly and surely embracing the digital, search engine optimised life.

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