With two Grammys, a People’s Choice Award, as well as millions of albums sold, Jason Mraz is having it all. “I feel good man, I’m grateful to still be making music.” says Mraz, as he reflects on how great of a year 2018 has been for him so far.

Humble, positive, as well as easy going, Jason Mraz is certainly one of the nicest personalities that we’ve ever spoken to. Following the success of his latest single, “Have It All”, all eyes are shifting towards Mraz as his seventh album, Know, is scheduled to release this month. Full of new and exciting tunes that he can’t wait to play when he goes on tour later in the year, the veteran singer-songwriter is all set to deliver new and exciting music.

Having been in the music industry for almost two decades, Mraz’s accolades cannot be understated. In an interview with August Man Malaysia, Mraz is calm and extremely relaxed. Throughout our conversation, we discussed the importance of positivity, nature, music and more—including insight into his forthcoming album, unplugging from a materialistic world, and how being an avocado farmer has influenced and impacted his life.

What’s the story behind “Have It All”?

What’s the story behind “Have It All”? Well, I honestly always write songs about myself. Because for human beings, it can be really hard living in this world. So, I write songs to cheer myself up. I wrote songs like “I Won’t Give Up” because I don’t want to give up.  I wrote songs like “I’m Yours” because I want to be an instrument, I want to be available to creativity. “Have it All” was very similar, I wrote it with the intention of cheering myself up. But when you do that, when you make beautiful art to satisfy your soul, I think it allows others to connect it with their souls.

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Positivity has always been a huge factor in your music. How important do you think it is for one to be positive in life? And what’s your secret to it?

I think it’s very important. Life is precious, and we’re only here for a short time. We only get a limited amount of breathes that we can take. When we breath, we breath life. It’s that when you breath that you can move on to the next breathe. So, staying positive requires many practices. To train your body to not hold tension, relax your shoulders, relax your jaws. So, positivity and all the different practices that can get you there, which for me is art. Whether I’m singing songs, painting or playing the guitar. It’s by doing those things that I could connect to the present moment, and really feel the power and privilege of being alive.

What could you tell us about Know?

It’s a little bit shorter compared to all of my previous albums. But I think its rich, in its musical diversity.


Photo by Mraz Family Farm

As we know, you have an avocado farm. How has being out there in the nature influenced you?

Well, it taught me patience. You know, when we’re plugged in our regular city lives, we can feel the speed of information, the speed of our deadlines. We want that fast return, which could lead us to be anxious and stressed. In nature, it teaches you that those things really don’t matter. That society’s deadlines and competition don’t matter. I mean they matter to a certain extend. Because we all need to work so we could pay for our food, water and pay our bills. But the social pressure that we get to compete with trends, fashion and opinions, those things don’t really matter. Those are just stories. Nature allows me to unplug from those stories, and think about things that are a little more sacred and true.

What’s the rest of the year going to be like for you?

I’ll be spending the rest of the year touring and playing new songs. That’s the rest of the year for me.


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