Having already stunned the electronic music scene over the past couple of years, Sam Lewis (aka SG Lewis) reaches dazzling heights with his debut album, Dusk, the first installation of a three-part album, Dusk, Dark and Dawn. Consisting of tracks that fuses disco and hip hop, Dusk is a sonic experience that’s bound to excite and engage fans.

While Lewis is known for having done worked with some distinguished singers, the young artist is widely regarded as one of UK’s most prominent rising stars. A true force to be reckon with – Lewis produces, writes his own material, and performs a electrifying live set. With over tens of millions of streams on Spotify, the London-based producer/singer-songwriter is a talent like no other.

During an interview session with August Man Malaysia, the master-producer was asked about how it all started, the meaning behind Dusk, Dark, and Dawn, as well as what he misses about Liverpool.

How’d it all start for you?
I was studying sound engineering in Liverpool. I wanted to work in studios. I started making remixes and putting them up on SoundCloud. I got really lucky. I got a lot of support from YouTube channels like Majestic Casual and TheSoundYouNeed. At the time, those videos were getting millions of hits. I had a platform at an early stage, and I picked up a lot of fans through that. One of those fans are the PMR Records guys. I went to a meeting with them, and they were like “Let’s do this”. Ever since, I’ve been creating music. So yeah, I’ve been super lucky.

How’s signing for PMR Records like? How’d that all came together?

It’s been such a surreal experience. Musicians like Disclosure and Jessie Ware are over at PMR Records. At the time, that was like my favourite label in the world. I was so nervous to meet them. [laughs] It was crazy!

Let’s talk about Dusk. Being the first of three parts, what’s the concept and reason behind releasing a three-part album?

Basically, when I sat down to make the album, I felt that it didn’t have a concept. I felt that I was just creating without any end goal, or any story to the album. One day, I was thinking about my experiences with music, and the things that influenced me. Which I eventually came out with the concept of Dusk, Dark and Dawn. Basically, I wanted to create music for the three different stages of a night out. I thought that the best way to deliver this concept was to come up with these three-separate sonic worlds. So, Dusk is sort of the beginning of the night, it eases the listeners in. Dark, which is the more euphoric one, as well as the one that has a higher energy. Then, you have Dawn, which is more intimate, where the music is more comforting and calming. That’s really the concept, and it gave me so much creative freedom.

What do you miss about Liverpool?

I moved to Liverpool when I was studying. That’s when I started releasing music. Now, I live in London. People get confused as to where I’m from. The people of Liverpool are so warm, friendly and welcoming. But when you’re in London, no one talks to each other. [laughs] It’s like rushed and busy. Whereas, in Liverpool, you could walk into a shop and people would start talking to you. I definitely miss that. And the music scene is amazing up there. But I love London too, it’s just different.

We’re sure everyone’s excited for what you’re planning for Good Vibes Festival. What can we expect from that?

I’ll be bringing the full live show. It’s five people on stage, all the music will be recreated live. Instead of a DJ set, it’s going to be like a full band. There’s going to be drums, live vocals. It’s a recreation of the music in a live concept. I’m very excited to bring it over. It’s something that I’m really proud of.


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