When Mastery Begets Artistry

Ash’s first big break was on Malaysian Idol back in 2005. He’s taken that initial burst of attention and turned it into a career proper. From topping charts and producing music videos to acting in musicals, local indie films and mainstream comedies, he’s come a good distance since then. But like all truly inspired artists, he’s had to face his own doubts about whether he’s being true to himself. So he took two years off, spending some of that time among Amazonian tribes, meditating in Egyptian pyramids and rediscovering the passions that first inspired him before there were blinding limelights.

Men of the Year 2015: Ash Nair, Musician & Actor-am_il_v1001_i_53084f14710bae4e4453999871dd82dc37_d1441e613d2bf40d1aae0c194cf50fe903

Photographs by Vincent Paul Yong/Studio Verve, Outfits by Emporio Armani, Watches by Bell & Ross

“Everyone’s got their own unique journey to make. We all want to know why we do, what we do, to understand the conflicts that torment us. It’s when we understand who we are, and recognize the patterns of creation and destruction that we inherently perform everyday, in that moment we can identify limiting self-beliefs and overcome self-doubt.”

Taking time to ’clean house’ and flow into more positivity, joy and freedom, Ash has recently been spending time in both the UK and Malaysia, shooting Indian Summers, a lavish 10 episode British drama that might yet launch him to greater heights.

“I searched for authenticity and found that being true to your emotions is incredibly liberating. You have to be real to your calling, and chase it with honour and excellence to achieve anything worthwhile,” he says.

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