Since their inception, BATE have been making a name for themselves. The DJ duo have successfully established themselves as one of the most dynamic musicians in their genre within the KL music scene.

Played along the likes of Afrojack, Nervo and David Guetta, BATE are notable in bringing a different kind of energy to each and every set that they play. The bring-the-house-down mantra that BATE possess when approaching dance music accumulates in its finest with the release of their first ever single, “One I Love”.

We at August Man Malaysia had the opportunity to speak to Ethan Curzon and Yeoh Wai Hong, the duo that make up BATE. During an interview session, BATE were asked about how it all began, their thoughts on the ever-evolving music industry, as well as the story behind “One I Love”.

How did it all start for you?

Wai Hong: We were just high school friends, we don’t really talk much. It so happens that the both of us started DJing around the same time. He was doing live stream, and I saw him. At that time, I was like really good friends with his roommate. So, I texted our mutual friend, “Hey can you let Ethan know that when he comes back maybe we could jam?” So when he came back, we did! Our mentor was like “Hey you guys look good together.”

Ethan: Since the first day we started DJ-ing, we’ve always been a duo.


The music landscape is constantly evolving at a rapid pace, what’s that like for you as a musician?

Ethan: We just move with it man.

Wai Hong: I’ll say that we were very fortunate. Our music, as we grow older, we actually grew along with the music. Like how I was really into emo, and also post rock. Paramore, Second Back Sunday, all that kind of stuff. I used to listen to all these stuff. And as I grew older, I started to listen to more Pop. Eventually pop became EDM. So when we started DJ-ing, we were just riding on it.



What is the one track that never gets old for you no matter how many times you hear it?

Wai Hong: I have so many favorite songs [laughs].

Ethan: In a club I’ll say “Titanium”, because whenever you play the song it always works. People feel like it’s a great throwback and all. But personally, I’ll say maybe like a Billy Joel album, or a Bee Gees album? Cause I’m really into old school.

Wai Hong: For me it’s Ed Sheeran’s X. It’s on repeat. And also Frank Ocean, channel Orange .


Do you guys have a funny story that occurred in the club?

Wai Hong: We have so many man, I think I fell down before.

Ethan: Yeah, he fell off a stage before.

Wai Hong: Oh and sometimes you be like “Oh I have to go to the toilet”. That’s actually one of the advantage of being a duo.

Ethan: Whenever I drink, I’ll have to go to the toilet. So there was once I just ran off the stage [laughs].


What’s the story behind “One I Love”?

Wai Hong: When we wrote this, it wasn’t supposed to be a love song. But when Blake Ross sent us the vocals, and Radio 3000 came over to the studio and did the rapping, it just became a love song. Because of Blake, he just made it so emotional. From there, we directed the video. So we told the producer, “during the verse, we feel like that’s when you break up, and during the drop, you feel like you’re reuniting with your love one.” We told the producer, and he managed to do exactly what we wanted. With a little touch of Sci-Fi. Towards the end, as you can see, he found the girl again.

Ethan: Yeah definitely. It just fell into place. We’ve been producing for four to five years. And then with this one, we were like “This is it, this is the one”.

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