As part of its Where Next Campaign, The Glenfiddich has teamed up with a couple of leading figures from various industries in Malaysia, including Roshan Menon and Annice Lyn to host the Where Next Club.

We get to know a bit more about Roshan Menon, a man who wears numerous hats, through our interview below:

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Well, you already know my name, and I am a DJ, photographer and the founder of music imprint, SaturdaySelects.


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I was always into photography growing up thanks to my uncle who studied photography as a degree. The love for documenting things visually eventually grew throughout college and university with film photography and eventually shooting live music shows.

Among sources of my inspiration are from producer-photographer Ta-ku’s Create & Explore platform as well as other crews in KL, like Raising the Bar and HOAX Vision who did regular shows, and I was motivated to explore a possible career in the music industry.

What is one project you’re most proud of so far?

We’ve had some amazing DJs, unforgettable events & some really cool collaborations over the years. Among my highlights, the top three shows that stand out in my mind have to be “The Sound of Tomorrow” show with Soulection in 2017, the collaborative party with local streetwear fashion brand AGAINSTLAB when we hosted Jarreau Vandal in 2018 and our SaturdaySelects 3rd Anniversary show at Jiro KL in 2019.

What is a major goal for you?

That one day, I may be able to create and build something that represents both the audio and visual aspects of my passion in hopes of it standing the test of time.

What made you want to collaborate with Glenfiddich for its Where Next campaign?

The goal of the Where Next Club by Glenfiddich is to bring together the next generation of movers and shakers across industries to inspire a culture of innovation. Our intimate live sessions create a conducive place for us to share and learn from each other on stepping beyond our comfort zones to embrace meaningful growth in our fields.

I resonate with that main objective because I believe that every person and brand has the potential to contribute and grow the industries they’re actively participating in. It’s up to us to ensure that our industry continues to evolve by constantly embracing challenges and new innovations, so that its ecosystem is sustainable and has a longevity to live on for years to come.

I’ve had mentors, key figures and friends that have inspired and guided me through the industry to get to where I am today, and I hope to be able to do the same for the next generation of creators.

roshan menon

What advice would you give to someone venturing into music?

Never be afraid of the unknown. Embrace change and take on challenges. It’s the only way to grow! But you don’t have to do it alone. You can always ask for help or advice from your fellow industry peers. If it’s something you’re unsure about or need some clarification on, the best people to ask are the ones who’ve had experience within the same space.

Tune in to the Where Next Club session with Roshan Menon, happening at 8p.m, 22nd October 2021, as he shares how working as a photographer during his university days led him to discover his passion for music, inspiring him to build a crew of local DJs as well as music producers and eventually founding SaturdaySelects.
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