Following two successful solo albums and tours, former frontman of Westlife, Shane Filan is back with his third album Love Always, featuring some all-time classic love ballads alongside new, original songs. The 12-track album features some of Shane’s favourite ballads along with some fan suggestions, from all-time classics like Make Me Feel My Love and Eternal Flame to new hits including Beautiful in White which has already amassed over 70 million views on You Tube.

Shane says, “This is an album I have been wanting to make for a long time, I love singing ballads and this album is full of some of my all-time favourite songs as well as some fan choices such as the Bangles hit Eternal Flame which I had never thought about covering but loved recording, to one of my own personal favourites Bryan Adams’ Heaven. Picking the tracks was the most difficult part of the process and I wanted to put my own take on them and I’m really proud of the versions I have done. There are also three brand new original tracks that I’ve written following requests by fans for some new music and I am really proud of how they sit alongside the other songs”.

Shane has cemented his position as one of the UK and Ireland’s most popular male solo artists, following phenomenal success with Westlife, which had Westlife had 14 chart-topping singles and 44 million sales, and he shows no signs of slowing down, “There’s nothing that makes me happier than singing and being on stage,” he says, “it’s something I am very proud of and it’s what I want to be doing for the rest of my life.” 

The new album will also be accompanied by a UK and Irish tour also titled Love Always. “The great thing about thing about this new album and forthcoming tour is that the set list is going to be so strong with the addition of these songs to my set list, with some of my earlier singles and obviously the Westlife favourites. The fans will know every single word of every song, it’s nice to look forward to a tour knowing the crowd are really going to love it, it’s going to be a new chapter and everyone is going to be singing along to these songs.”

For a preview of the album, click on the video below. Before that, let’s hear more from Shane in the following interview by Universal Music Malaysia:

What inspired the album title “Love Always”?

When I sign an autograph I usually write “Love always, Shane”. So I decided to use it as the album name.

How were the 12 songs for this album put together?

The songs were all chosen by me, my manager and my producer. I just wanted to pick really famous songs, and do my version of them. I love singing Heaven as it is a long time favourite of mine.

Who inspires you the most, to Love?

My wife, Gillian. We have been together so long and have three great kids together.

We’re curious, have you been invited to sing at a wedding?

Yes, I have. A lot of people like Beautiful In White as their wedding song.

Do you and your wife/family have a favorite song off the album? What makes it special for you?

My favourite song is Heaven. I love singing it every night on tour as well. I have loved this song for so many years it is great to be able to sing it now.

We love the simplicity of love songs, they bring so much emotion, in very little words. Was the recording process more emotional than usual for you?

It was a pleasure to sing songs that I have loved for so many years. The hard part was deciding which songs to record.

How do you get in the ‘zone’ while recording?

I just try to zone out of everything around me and focus on the lyrics of the song and the melody.

If you could pick one song, to heal broken hearts – what song would it be?

Oh that’s a tough one. I think Unbreakable is probably the best one.

What is the song that always perks you up?

Michael Jackson, Man in the mirror.

Do you feel that your vocal ability has changed over the year? How do you take care of your vocals?

When I’m on tour I just eat really well and train hard to keep healthy. It’s important to look after my voice when I am on a long tour.

Are there any genres of music that you may want to pursue in future? We’ve seen Robbie Williams and Seal pursue Jazz – is this something you may consider?

Yes, I would look into that eventually, but right now I am focusing on this album.

How do you feel about the internet/streaming and the music industry, the changes that it brought?

It has changed the music business hugely. But I think it has been positive as you can connect directly with fans and give them information and updates about new music.

What kind of music by other artists are you enjoying these days?

Yeah, I listen to a lot of chart music now. Ed Sheeran’s new album is brilliant. He is a lyrical genius.

Any plans for an Asian tour?

Yes, I will definitely be touring in Asia in 2018.

* Check out Love Always by Shane Filan here: or visit his new website:

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