With everything going on in the world right now, a little escapism from Malaysian authors would be a welcome reprieve for most, plus it doesn’t hurt to #supportlocal. Hence we’ve compiled a list of books written by Malaysian authors, for your reading pleasure.

Scroll below for a brief summary on each.

1. A Malaysian Restaurant In London by Tunku Halim
Tunku Halim
A Malaysian Restaurant In London by Tunku Halim

Fans of horror writing would likely have been introduced to the works of Tunku Halim, who was also a lawyer. Having penned a myriad of horror stories as well as novels. Here he shares of how a previously failing restaurant set up in London begins to thrive after the introduction of a new mysterious Malay dish. Available here.

2. the age of smiling secrets
Aneeta Sundararaj
The Age of Smiling Secrets by Aneeta Sundararaj

Having trained as a lawyer before deciding to pursue a career in writing, the founder of the How to Tell a Great Story site has contributed to numerous organisations including contributing articles to news portals and magazines. In her latest novel, she explores the intricate conflict of Syariah and civil law through the experiences of a family. Available here.

3. Devil’s place by Brian Gomez
Brian gomez
Devil’s Place by Brian Gomez

A supporter of the local arts scene, Brian Gomez together with his wife are the founders of Merdekarya – a centre for the local arts scene; young singer-songwriters, poets, bands, writers have been using the place for gigs, book launches and even poetry slams. In his own debut novel, he tells of how a Thai woman gives up working the streets of Thailand to come to KL instead. Available here.

4.Escape from happy palace by jai patel
jai patel
Escape From Happy Palace by Jai Patel

Hailing from the East Coast state of Kelantan, Jai Patel focusses on mysteries and thrillers that revolve around everyday people placed in extraordinary situations. In his debut novel, we find ourselves in the underbelly of KL, with a runaway masseuse fleeing for her life. Available here.

5. Little basket 2017: New Malaysian writing
Malaysian authors
Little Basket 2017: New Malaysian Writing by various authors

A basket of mixed stories, this is the second (and perhaps final) book of a planned annual anthology. The works include fiction, non-fiction, poetry as well as a comic and a photo-essay. It’s a tasty smorgasbord of what Malaysians are writing and thinking about while playing with our rich linguistic landscape. Available here.

6. the seat by geetha krishnan
geetha krishnan
The Seat by Geetha K

Having studied in Australia, Geetha Krishnan, now also the director of K&K Comms Production, Geetha takes us on a tour of the town in KL, while also touching on politics in her debut novel. Join Satya as he goes on a journey of Segambut memories – that left strong imprints, and some dark shadows. Available here.

7. Soulless: Inspector Mislan and the faceless girl by rozlan mohd noor
Rozlan Mohd Noor
Soulless: Inspector Mislan and the Faceless Girl by Rozlan Mohd Noor

Part of the Inspector Mislan series, many might not know that Rozlan Mohd Noor was in fact a police officer in his past life as well; could he be drawing inspiration from actual cases? Follow Inspector Mislan on his adventures after the body of a woman whose features are erased beyond recognition is found. Available here.

8. We, the survivors by Tash Aw
Tash Aw
We, the Survivors by Tash Aw

Many would already have come to know about Tash Aw’s storytelling prowess, owed to his previous works such as Five Star Billionaire. In his latest book, set in Malaysia, he tells the story of an ordinary, uneducated man born in a Malaysian fishing village and now trying to make his way in a country that promises riches and security to everyone, which then takes a dark turn. Available here.

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