This exchange between firebrand trainer/commentator Teddy Atlas (who once held a gun to a teenage Mike Tyson’s head for apparently grabbing his niece’s buttocks), and the ever colourful sports tv personality Stephen A. Smith captures everything this fight represented. Lots of shouting, waving of fists, asinine analogies, and a few laughs in the background. Nobody was seriously going to get hurt and the referee performed on cue to stop the fisticuff in the 10th round. 

Conor McGregor didn’t have a prayer of coming out triumphant. Casual fans who don’t box but were standing on street corners and proclaiming a new Irish messiah simply sounded ignorant. Similarly, professional combat athletes who laughed at this farcical fight were just jealous it wasn’t them on stage, earning that incomprehensibly fat pay cheque. Some of the greatest like Muay Thai veteran John Wayne Parr took to Instagram, quipping smart alec foolery like this meme: 

If fighters don’t fight for money, what the heck are they risk life and limb for? Honour never bought nobody a private jet. To give you an idea how much money is realistically exchanging hands (even if a confidentiality agreement was signed): after sponsorships, ticket sales and just the fight purse earnings alone, Mayweather could take home 230 million dollars. McGregor gets 70 million, and all this before Pay-Per-View sales have been accounted for. That’s 1.2 billion ringgit between two fighters.

Are you turning green yet?  

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