August Man Malaysia features three personalities who embody the Remy Martin way of thinking.

Talent is defined as “a natural ability for being good at a particular activity, especially without being taught; a special, often creative or artistic aptitude; general intelligence or mental power.”

It is in recognition of this Remy Martin embarks on a campaign that focuses on unleashing one’s potential. The “Slash” campaign plays on the idea all of us have multiple talents and are thus not confined to labels. Slash people are not defined through a single perspective, they live between slashes and read between the lines, regaling us with the manifold paths they pursue.

In this special feature August Man and Remy Martin showcase three individuals who though established in one area have taken the risk of exploring another passion. They include Jonathan Putra, TV presenter/musician/actor/emcee/artist; Nick Davis, singer-songwriter/entrepreneur/barber; and Albert Nico, hairstylist/entrepreneur/photographer.

Get a copy of our June issue for the full story. Here’s a quick look behind the scenes.

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Jonathan Putra, TV presenter/actor/musician/emcee/artist (Photographed at Lorem Ipsum, the Art Jam Cafe, Bangsar)

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Nick Davis, singer-songwriter/entrepreneur/barber

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Albert Nico, hairstylist/entrepreneur/photographer

photography by KAHMUN/MYTH STUDIO words by RUBIN KHOO & KC YAPvideography by BRYAN KONG assisted by HAL YIP

written by.
Thinking Outside The Box
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