Every season, Moleskine introduces a selected number of Limited Edition notebooks, the famed Italian stationery brand’s way of embracing and celebrating the artistry and imagination of figures and characters that have become contemporary pop icons.

Last year, limited editions of Le Petit Prince and Batman graced the shelves, packed with Moleskine’s beloved and iconic ivory-coloured paper, bound together in a themed hard cover and elastic closure that enables a 180° lie-flat opening – as seen in all its notebooks. Some formats came with useful tools of planning, time zones, international measurements, dialling codes and flight duration, as well as an expandable inner pocket and a matching ribbon bookmark.

This Fall/Winter 2018 seasons, Moleskine fans can expect collections designed to fit seamlessly into contemporary metropolitan lives, forming an ecosystem created to enhance the expansion of knowledge, creativity and individual expression.


Fans of Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and the characters from the Super Mario franchise can expect a limited edition series dedicated to commemorating one of the most memorable and beloved characters in the world of gaming. Over the last decades, the moustachioed mascot in blue overalls has made his mark all over the world, from one generation to another, since its pixelated graphics and original cartridges days.

This season, the Super Mario Limited Edition comes in four formats in violet with black and white designs of Mario accumulating a Starman – a superpower that gives Mario temporary invincibility; in black with a subtle debossing of the classic Nintendo console – the platform in which Super Mario bros kick started its heritage; in grey with the recognisable stripes from the 1983 8-bit video game console debossed on the cover; and lime green with a debossing of yet another icon – the Game Boy; alongside a complementing phone case in brick-coloured orange, reminiscence of the countless bricks assisting Mario in stepping up his game.


Another character of Japanese origin Moleskine focused on for its limited edition this time around is Astro Boy, created by illustrator Osamu Tezuka with an original manga issue run from 1952 to 1968.

The little android is given a new lease of life in the Astro Boy Limited Edition. Through two formats – one in grey, and another in lighter grey, they showcase Tezuka’s innovative pen strokes in creating a distinct sense of motion, and imbuing the anime with, not only intelligence, but the inherent ability to distinguish between good and evil.


While the world waits in anticipation for the announcement on who will be the next James Bond after Daniel Craig, Moleskine embraces the world-class and world-famous English spy with the James Bond Limited Edition, ahead of Danny Boyle’s iteration of the pop culture icon for his 25th film next year.

Sophisticated, intelligent, well-dressed and invariably equipped for any situation like the man himself, the collection comes in three formats of black: one a classic hard cover with a straightforward deboss of the James Bond 007 logo, whereas two other feature key motifs from the films and novels – an all-over carbon pattern, paying tribute to the tracks he has burned solving crimes in countless classic automobiles; and an all-over print featuring 24 titles from the Bond franchise – ranging from the 1962 Dr No, to the 1964 favourite Goldfinger, to the recent 2015 Spectre.

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