YOU don’t need any occasion to network, and to network, you need your trusty sidearm and ammunition: the business card holder and a stack of name cards. Take heed, though, your weapon of choice sends a message to the recipients of said cards.

The Flashy Bottega … with Pedro shoes

“I’m using that handout I got and really want to impress.”


The Cartier + Matching leather watch strap

“Watch as I outclass everyone in this room.”



The Pink Hermes Clic + Black Tie Event

The Hermes Clic Mini Card Holder.

“I’m colourblind, but boy do I love my palladium clasp.”



The irreverant Coach

Coach Card Case with Rexy, Chalk.

“I’m fun and chill af. invite me to all your shindigs.”



The clean, formal Gucci (as opposed to regular gucci)

I mean, it takes a man of character to pick THIS Gucci over all the other wild ‘ ones.
“I am a professional who will, after the event and at an appropriate time, drop you an email stating how pleasant it was to interact with you. I will actually maintain good relationships if possible and be a stark reminder of the great etiquette everyone should practise. Yourself included.”




Muji stainless steel card case.

“I lose a few holders every year but I respect you / your event enough to have bought this overpriced one before coming down.”



The “do you have this app? It’s better for the environment”

“I am very likely to have metal straws… that I don’t use, because I hate managing small finicky items like namecards.”


The back pocket

“I hope you like your cards warm, toasty, and with a bespoke curvature reflecting my derriere.”



The Front Pocket

“I’m honestly glad that no pocket lint came out together with that.”



The SUIT + NO HOLDER or “I’ll email you”


“I don’t want or need you to be able to contact me. If you really must, find my DID, and by that, I mean my asssistant’s.”



THe jeans + NO HOLDER, or “I’ll email you”


“I forgot about your event today and rushed down”
“I’m leaving the industry and felt bad asking for more namecards.”



The sneakers + NO HOLDER, or “I’ll email you”


“I’m an intern and they won’t print cards for me. But I WILL email you.”



written by.

Xiangjun Liao

XJ is the associate digital editor and works the F&B, tech, watch and motoring beats. Correspondingly, he's an alcoholic carnivore with a boyish fascination for all things mechanical. No prizes for guessing which Jaguar he wishes to commandeer.

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