YOU go online for today’s news: The huge traffic at the new Jewel opening at Changi Airport, COE prices on the rise again and the orange-skinned man adding a new insult to his existing list. You scroll and scroll, but you unknowingly find yourself on this webpage instead. Why? Because all you want to see are this month’s viral videos — and what we’ve got is nothing you have seen yet.


learn “how are you” in russian

Russell Peters killin’ us yet again.


Make Singaporean men patriotic again

This is definitely Gundam Seed inspired. If only this parody with anime edits were real; just imagine.


True life: Day in the life of an astronaut

Such disrespect to an underpaid profession; Neil Armstrong is shaking in his grave.


this ain’t out of the world, but it definitely took over it

Here’s the crazy ‘woah’ dance going viral. And boy, you thought the Internet was done with the nae-nae.


and to think people really bought this one

The “No no… We don’t speak croissaint” at 1:47 got us weak AF!


in case you still can’t do the shuffle in 2019…

How else are you grooving to Thriller or Beat It? Michael Jackson would be so disappointed.

We’re only kidding — Dude’s simplifying the classic shuffle for us but half of us at the office still have two left feet.


here is a two-minute dose of adorable

When the kid says he got no time for this.


you should listen when we say “no phones” (open full screen)

Question is: Tissue paper? Really?

Just in case you’re not over fooling around this month, here are the best pranks to go down in history to date.


this one is 100% modern science

Where was this doctor when it was our time to take our jabs? Having an infant not emotionally implode is really next-level — Doc’s from the future.


but this is how kids are really like

Don’t we all want a six-month holiday, twice a year?

written by.

Elvin Ng

Elvin is a writer dabbling in the fashion, travel and culture beats. When he isn’t blogging about his latest adventures, he’s most definitely hunting down the latest and biggest sales in online shopping.
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