In conjunction with #TheGreatBrewFest running until November 10, August Man Malaysia joins hands with Heineken Malaysia in an attempt to shed light on your favourite brew. Find out more about how beer is made in the upcoming November/December combined issue, but first let’s get to know what’s in the brew.

Apple Fox

What is the difference between beer and cider?

Beer is made from four main ingredients: water, yeast, malt and hop. Hops lend, besides aroma and flavour, a sought-after tartness to the beer. The more hops are used, the bitterer the beer is. On the other hand, cider such as Apple Fox is made from water, apple and yeast.


A perfectly-pour pint of Guinness draught contains 3 million nitrogen bubbles. The perfect pour is composed of a two-part pour in order to preserve a domed and creamy head. It obtains the signature dark colour through roasting of malt. In the case of Guinness, the malt is barley.


While most beer is brewed in a vertical tank, Heineken does so in a horizontal tank. It is also brewed a week longer than others at a total of 28 days.



As denoted by its name Irish cream ale, Kilkenny undergoes top fermentation, as ale does. Top fermentation doesn’t mean that fermentation takes place at the top, rather, it means yeasts and sediment rise to the top upon complete fermentation as opposed to sinking to the bottom. The latter makes it a lager.

Kirin Ichiban

The beer is brewed from the first strain of the wort, also known as first press. The wort is the resultant liquid obtained from the lautering process which sorts the liquid from the malt (more detailed explanation on that in the November/December combined issue). Which other drink uses first press? Cuvée champagne.


Brewers prefer water as pure as possible in their breweries so no foreign or odd flavour compounds is introduced and hence degrading the beer’s quality. Unlike others that utilise treated water, the maker of Paulaner extracts water from an aquifer 623ft below ground.


Love it or hate it. Tiger is the best-selling lager in Malaysia. For #TheGreatBrewFest, the brewer introduces Tiger Amber, a limited release with a craft beer taste profile owing to hints of malty sweetness and hoppy aromas.

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