Check out BAC or Reka:Bar in Bukit Damansara, if you’re ever in the area – trust us, you won’t regret it.

You’ll likely be glad to know that the two relatively new bars in Bukit Damansara are located in the quieter side of the area, along Jalan Setia Bakti. Therefore, you wouldn’t have to deal with too much of the crowds, and there’s a sense of exclusivity when you visit either BAC or Reka:Bar.

And the best part is that both bars are close to each other, so if you ever feel like changing up the vibe, just walk over to the other and order yourself a fresh set of drinks, or taste their delicious food offerings.

Here’s a closer look at each bar in Bukit Damansara:


With its name derived from ‘creation’ in Malay and also ‘Eureka’ – which means the joy of discovery, we can confirm that there’s definitely joy upon discovering their lovely creations of both food and drink.

You might miss Reka at first, as it’s marked by only a small signage that is more visible once it lights up after sunset. But once you head upstairs, you’d be greeted by a futuristic setup, as seen above, while even more exciting concoctions await you at the bar. Helmed by accomplished industry professionals with global experience, the team of passionate individuals push the boundaries of innovation and deliciousness in drinks and serve you some of the most exciting cocktails yet.

An example can be viewed in their Domino Effect drink menu, where each drink is linked to the one before and after through the use of one common ingredient. The result is a chain reaction of flavour while using the whole product, thus enabling them to serve cocktails at an accessible price point for guests. If you have enough money to splash, and aren’t driving, we’d suggest you try them all!

Here’s a look at some of the drinks available:

There’s also a Spotlight menu, which changes according to themes, so guests will never be bored when returning to Reka – with the first Spotlight menu paying homage to the Jalur Gemilang.

Click here to make reservations at Reka:Bar.



Few doors away stands BAC; and if you thought Reka was difficult to spot, BAC doesn’t have any signage (yet.) But once you climb up two floors, you’ll discover the lively atmosphere which makes you feel welcome and pumped up.

A quick Google search of the place would suggest ‘BAC’ stands for “beef and coffey,” but we’ve never gotten a straight answer for what it really stands for – we just know it’s not affiliated to the college. “Before any Covid,” “Beef and Cocktails,” “Blood Alcohol Content,” definitely beats us, but it’s a definitely a place that aims to take you back to a time where unadulterated fun and drinking were the norms.

The place serves good highballs, so if that’s your go-to drink, then you must pay BAC a visit at least once; though we’re pretty sure you’d be back for more. Their resident bartender Mattman is also a fun chap who will engage with you and mix your party more drinks than necessary.

When it comes to food, the bar has separated it into three categories: pre-drinks, during drinks, and to soak up the drinks. Among them are Cincalok fried chicken, our vegetarian-friendly “Carrot Steak” with Tahini to our Wagyu beef fat grilled rice burgers.

Find out more about BAC via its Facebook page.


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BAC And Reka:Bar Inject More Excitement In Bukit Damansara
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