More and more people are deciding to adopt the vegan and vegetarian lifestyle. One of the biggest frustrations associated with this is the change in diet, and it can be tough finding restaurants that accommodate such an eating preference. However, these establishments challenge the notion of vegan and vegetarian restaurants being bland and boring. Check them out!


In Spanish, Sala stands for slavar a los animals (save the animals), while also meaning “living-room.” This vegan restaurant has the comforts of home while inducing euphoria with delicious Mexican-inspired cuisine. Whether you are sampling the mouthwatering chimichanga with mushroom asada, black beans, cilantro lime brown rice wrapped in a flour tortilla topped with vegan chili, or the falafel wrap that takes you to the Mediterranean, Sala won’t disappoint.

Loving Café

The Loving Café envisions quality, delicious and healthy food based on plant and animal cruelty-free recipes in your future. All the dishes are individually cooked to the highest standards, making it a must-try. Among the dishes that need to be tasted, the Matcha Blueberry Goma Vegan Cake ranks the highest. Melting in your mouth, it is the embodiment of decadence.


Comfort food for a Monday – Saag….packed with fiber and taste.#wtfwhattastyfood

WTF – What Tasty Food 发布于 2018年1月28日周日

What Tasty Food (WTF) decided to take the initiative and end the struggle of being a vegetarian with no options at a restaurant. If you are a local or a foreigner looking for a spot that understands meat-free or animal-friendly cuisine, WTF welcomes you. Every bit of food that’s on your plate is MSG and additive-free, as well as being cooked upon ordering. While that does slightly slow down service, the reward for your wait is a taste that is simply divine and shows nothing but care.

Pinxin Vegan Cuisine

Pinxin Vegan Cuisine 发布于 2019年5月30日周四

Need a restaurant that has a rich, healthy, cruelty-free atmosphere that supports local farmers? Pinxin renders us speechless with its colourful array of spices and various food that inspires an organic energy. The restaurant uses only the most organic vegetables and fruits sourced from local farmers. If you want to enjoy some of the most authentic vegan Chinese cuisine, Pinxin Vegan Cuisine sits at the top of the list.

LN Fortunate Coffee Malaysia 幸福咖啡

LN Fortunate Coffee Malaysia 幸福咖啡发布于 2019年6月24日周一

Ready to reconnect your taste buds with Mother Nature? LN Fortunate Coffee Malaysia has a set of simple yet quality dishes for your gastronomical pleasure. LN is a 100% plant-based bakery café using only the most natural and healthy ingredients in both food and beverages. If you are in dire need of great service and a cosy atmosphere boasting a stunning array of all-natural options, be sure to stop by at LN Fortunate Coffee Malaysia.

Soul A Life

Ensuring guests passionately made food that will clear the body, mind, and soul, this restaurant promises an environmentally friendly dining experience you won’t soon forget. Soul A Life prepares a well-balanced, nutritious meal that anyone can enjoy guilt-free. Whether it is the BBQ Burger with a homemade mushroom patty or a classic Buddha Bowl full of delicious roasted vegetables, Soul A Life will leave your mouth watering for more.

Afterglow By Anglow

Afterglow is bringing sexy back to vegetables by reminding us that plants can be extremely flavourful and refreshing. For an economical price, you will have fresh produce brought directly to your table. Every item on the menu is conscientiously prepared to bring out the sweet and smoky flavours of each dish, giving you a long-lasting afterglow (it’s in the name!). If you feel like changing things up, make sure to check this place out the next time you’re in Singapore.

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