Single malt lovers in the country should take note. The Glenlivet Captain’s Reserve, an exciting new single malt that has been selectively finished in high quality cognac casks, has just arrived.

When it comes to the creative world, a finishing touch can be the defining action to a piece of work. The world of single malt whisky is no different. Born of a long period of flavour and cask experimentation, The Glenlivet Captain’s Reserve demonstrates the importance on how the finishing can lead to impactful new taste discoveries, continuing the distillery’s long tradition of pushing boundaries through innovation.

Benedict Yong, Group Manager, Whiskies & White Spirits of Pernod Ricard Malaysia says, “Cognac cask matured whisky is relatively rare so we are excited to see how The Guardians of The Glenlivet from the Malaysian Chapter and other Single Malt enthusiasts may find the taste profile of The Glenlivet Captain’s Reserve. The Guardians are an adventurous lot when it comes to interesting flavours and they will be the first to taste the Captain’s Reserve before it goes out to the local retailers.”

“This new expression is currently available at all our The Glenlivet Guardians experiential events in all the regions, namely Klang Valley, Penang and Johor,” he added Captain’s Reserve is an homage to Captain William Smith Grant, great-grandson of George Smith, founder of The Glenlivet, whose name adorns every bottle. The Captain not only fought in the First World War in France, but went on to fight for The Glenlivet, maneuvering the distillery through the trying Prohibition years and leading the single malt scotch whisky revival in the UK and the US.

The introduction of cognac in the finishing process, results in a stunning single malt that borrows cognac’s prestigous flavour and intergrates it effortlessly with the distinctly Speyside style that is The Glenlivet’s trademark. The cognac cask adds a raisin-rich and strong flavour that is perfectly fused with the creamy fruity smoothness of The Glenlivet house style.

Alan Winchester describes the fine-tuning skill that went into creating the perfect finish: “It is an art form. After maturing the whisky in a combination of American Oak and ex-Sherry Oak casks for many years and selectively finishing it in ex-Cognac casks, we’ve mastered the delicate but delicious balance between the influence of the finish and The Glenlivet signature style. Captain’s Reserve offers whisky drinkers the opportunity to broaden their Single Malt Scotch repertoire, and to try something new, creating a whole new taste experience.”

The Glenlivet Captain’s Reserve was introduced to The Glenlivet Guardians since December 2018. The Glenlivet Guardians from The Malaysian Chapter had the first opportunity to taste before it is released in the local retail outlets.

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In Reserve: The Glenlivet Ventures into Uncharted Territory
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