Support for Palestine began flooding social media ever since the Al-Aqsa mosque was attacked on May 7, mere days before the Aidilfitri celebrations. The Israel-Palestine conflict escalated in the following days, until a ceasefire was announced on May 21 after 11 days of intense bombing on both sides. To date, the conflict has claimed over 250 lives with many of them being children.

The social media support by top Malaysian personalities expressing solidarity with the Palestinians has been remarkable, let’s take a look at some of the posts.


Mizz Nina

A humanitarian mission led Mizz Nina to Palestine a couple of years ago, and her love and support for the oppressed state runs deep. On social media, she often speaks about her mind-altering journey in Palestine and particularly her experience at the Al-Aqsa mosque. To-date, the former rapper has raised RM17.8 million with fellow Malaysian artists and the money raised will be channeled to the Malaysia-Al-Aqsa clinic, poor families in Jerusalem and Gaza emergency fund, while also supporting legal services in Sheikh Jarrah.



Singer, songwriter, producer, entrepreneur, and social commentator Caprice has been raising his voice on countless issues on his “What’s on the news today” Instagram posts, and this includes the Palestinian cause. Caprice is proactive in finding ways to resolve the noise on social media by having live debates and forming a pact to keep the peace between the Jews, Muslims and Christians.


Magie Abang Saufi

Magie Abang Saufi posed with daughter Arafah Edruce (who is also better known as Arabyrd) while donning the kefiyyeh, a symbol of Palestinian nationalism since the 1930s Arab revolt. Magie also shares her take on the latest news on her IG stories, where her followers often check in for first scoop.


Joe Flizzow

The country’s top rap star, Joe Flizzow, posted the Takbir Cinta song he penned in 2013. Performed with Yasin and Amy Search, the song is a poesy to end wars and sufferings around the world, and that a happier future is possible with the absence of puppet leaders, ego and greed.


Kavita Sidhu

Kavita did a throwback to the 1992 Malay movie Selubung; written, produced, and directed by Datin Paduka Shuhaimi Baba. The premise of the movie centres around women’s roles in society and the Palestinian cause. We also learned from her post that the film was dedicated to the people at Malaysian Social Research Institute, led by the late Dr Alijah Gordon and Dr Dolly Fong. Dr Alijah was a socio-political activist who had dedicated her life to the Palestinian refugee causes.


This article was first published on Prestige Malaysia.


(Main image: Magie Abang Saufi/Caprice/Joe Flizzow via Instagram)

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