Each moon sign is accompanied by a lucky gemstone that helps control our thoughts and emotions. We’ve created a list of lucky gemstones based on your moon sign and how they can enhance your personality.

Many of us religiously read our horoscopes in the morning while sipping our tea, brimming with curiosity to get a blueprint of our day. It often validates why we feel a certain way and guides us to make crucial decisions ahead. 

Astrology revolves around the positions of the planets and stars at birth, which ultimately impacts our daily lives. There are three significant signs which form our identities: the sun sign, the moon sign, and the rising sign.

The moon sign represents the moon’s position at the time of birth. It encompasses everything happening below the surface, as opposed to the ‘outer self’, the sun sign. Moon sign compatibility is crucial as it impacts our relationships and bonds. While the sun is our identity, the moon reflects significant aspects of our personalities. The sun represents masculine energy, while the moon is feminine. Keep reading to learn how to harness the power of gemstones according to your moon sign.

Lucky gemstones and their benefits according to your moon sign


Ruling planet: Mars

Lucky gemstone: Red coral

Aries born are considered to be highly passionate in whatever they do, beaming with enthusiasm. However, they burn out equally fast. They’re confident and courageous but also impatient and impulsive.

Red coral helps replenish the energy overused by this sign while also enhancing the leadership qualities these people already possess. Apart from red coral, ruby and yellow sapphire also work well for Aries. While rubies positively impact love life, yellow sapphire attracts luck and wealth.

red coral stone
Image credit: dtenenbaum_inc/ Instagram


Ruling planet: Venus

Lucky gemstone: Diamond

Taurus are intelligent and stable beings but can sometimes come across as stubborn. They love consistency, and anything that jeopardises that is likely to witness the wrath of this sign.

For Taureans, diamond works best as it enhances the personality and aura of their wearer. Venus brings love, wealth and fame into one’s life; hence, wearing a diamond can be highly beneficial. If a diamond seems expensive, opt for its economical substitute, opal.

Image credit: say straight/ Pexels


Ruling planet: Mercury

Lucky gemstone: Green emerald

There’s never a dull moment with a Gemini around! Intellectually curious and always on the go, Geminis are social butterflies who can charm you with their wit. Because of constantly juggling around ideas, passions and more, the sign can exhaust itself easily and have short attention spans.

The green emerald helps in improving their thinking abilities since they overuse their intellect. Apart from its aesthetic value, this stone also has healing powers and imparts good health, success and wisdom.

green emerald
Image credit: Tima Miroshnichenko/ Pexels


Ruling planet: Moon

Lucky gemstone: Pearl

Since the moon is the ruling planet of Cancer, this sign is highly emotional and embodies nurturing and caretaking energy. As a result, it’s famously known as the ‘mother’ of all zodiacs.

Balancing their emotional turmoil is the pearl stone. It helps control and calm sentiments and mood swings, enhancing the personality. It works well in curing depression and mental disorders and increasing the intelligence quotient.

Image credit: Marta Branco/ Pexels


Ruling planet: Sun

Lucky gemstone: Ruby

Leos love being the centre of attention, never shying away from drama as it keeps them from getting bored. They’re very protective and loyal towards their loved ones, with their generosity and big-hearted nature making them attractive.

Ruby makes its wearer more focused and aware, bringing immense fame and success. In addition, using the stone with a gold or copper base would bring lucrative job opportunities and boost self-confidence.

Image credit: superlens photography/ Pexels


Ruling planet: Mercury

Lucky gemstone: Green emerald

Virgos are very pragmatic and diligent in their dealings and can’t be swayed away by nonsensical or shallow things. Although highly critical, this sign can sometimes be too harsh on themselves.

Emerald enhances the intellectual capacity of its wearer while also rejuvenating the mind, which Virgos exhausts in their many pursuits. It also helps in professional and creative fields and makes one a good conversationalist.

green emerald
Image credit: engin akyurt/ Unsplash


Ruling planet: Venus

Lucky gemstone: Diamond

Libras are known for maintaining balance/harmony and are great admirers of beauty and all aesthetic things. They’re warm and hospitable and come across as charming (even a bit flirtatious sometimes). However, their obsession with symmetry and creating an equilibrium can sometimes be problematic.

Diamond helps save Libras from draining themselves in their quest to always strike a balance. It ensures that luck never leaves their side. Additionally, blue sapphire also aids this sign a lot when it comes to love.

Image credit: Sabrianna/ Unsplash


Ruling planet: Mars

Lucky gemstone: Red coral

This sign can be mysterious as they’re very private and selective about putting their feelings upfront. Despite that, they’re passionate and not scared of rebelling against things that don’t work for them. They have great physical energy as well as mental wavelength to think deeply.

Their lucky stone, red coral, helps establish authority and achieve success in leadership roles. It is ideal for love, romance as well as luck. Its health benefits are also massive, especially for overcoming skin-related issues like acne, boils and more.

red coral stone
Image credit: theartisanspearlsbyprince/ Instagram


Ruling planet: Jupiter

Lucky gemstone: Yellow sapphire

Intelligent, religious, amiable, ambitious and free-spirited are a few qualities that aptly describe the Scorpio. In addition, they have an insatiable curiosity and might spend too much time evaluating the pros and cons of everything. But, overall, they’re a happy and cheerful lot.

Yellow sapphire brings its wearer closer to spirituality while imparting discipline and defining goals in life. In addition, it brings both material and marital happiness and refines one’s ability to deal with one’s ambitions.

yellow sapphire
Image credit: Indiamart’s website


Ruling planet: Saturn

Lucky gemstone: Blue sapphire

Highly ambitious by nature, you’ll see a Capricorn rejoicing amid materialistic things that elevate their social status. This sign is highly stable and craves long-term associations in jobs and relationships. In addition, they’re incredibly hardworking and believe in delivering over and above what’s required.

Being a precious gemstone, blue sapphire is a valuable statement piece for this sign. Considered one of the fast-acting gemstones, it brings success and fortune swiftly when fixed in gold or silver.

Image credit: axecop/ Pexels


Ruling planet: Saturn

Lucky gemstone: Blue sapphire

Just like Capricorn, this sign is also governed by Saturn and has blue sapphire as its lucky stone. They’re humanitarian-minded, independent, and self-sufficient.

The blue sapphire stone endows mystic powers to this sign for as long as they wear it while also keeping obstacles at bay. It stimulates emotional energy and brings success and fame.

Blue sapphire
Image credit: hoor studio/ Pexels


Ruling planet: Jupiter

Lucky gemstone: Yellow sapphire

Pisces’ most notable quality is their intuitive nature while also having a sense of spirituality or mysticism ingrained in them. In addition, they’re very affectionate and romantic and are strongly driven by creativity. For them, basic is boring. However, at times they become too overwhelmed with their thoughts and indulge in negative thinking.

The yellow sapphire makes its wearer pious, intelligent, and charitable. It brings abundance, wellness as well as good luck to all Pisceans.

yellow sapphire
Image credit: Abhika Jewels’ website

(Hero image credit: Karen Laårk Boshoff/ Pexels)

(Feature image credit: Eva Bronzini/ Pexels)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Which stone is good for your moon sign?

Answer: Each moon sign is accompanied by a lucky stone. These include diamonds, rubies, pearls and more.

Question: What gemstones are ruled by the Moon?

Answer: The gemstones ruled by the Moon are natural pearls and moonstones.

Question: Which moon sign should wear diamonds?

Answer: Taurus and Libra should wear diamonds.

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