Just like gemstones, numbers, and colours, flowers are highly significant in the Chinese zodiac. Therefore, paying attention to the lucky flower corresponding to our sign can bring good fortune and luck.

We’re obsessed with having flowers in our house as well as at work. Not because we think we’re in Sex And The City but because flowers can brighten up any room. Floral arrangements add positivity to our home or office space and invoke happy feelings, keeping stress and anxiety at bay. Flowers have played a significant role in Chinese culture for centuries, prevalent in everything from food and beverages to decorations. For instance, the famous Chinese Rose is paramount for the perfume and cosmetics industry and Azalea possesses excellent medicinal properties. The benefits of flowers are indeed endless!

chinese zodiac lucky flowers
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Each animal has a lucky flower attached to it that enhances the sign’s personality as well as elevates overall well-being. So, curious to know which flower falls in liaison with your sign? We’ve curated a list of lucky flowers corresponding to each Chinese zodiac sign.

Flowers that will bring you good luck based on your Chinese zodiac sign

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Rat: Lily
Rat: Lily

The first sign in the Chinese zodiac cycle, Rat is known for being extremely sociable and understanding. People belonging to this sign love being around others and have a great understanding of human nature. They are quick-witted and clever owing to which they amass huge wealth in their professional endeavours.

Lucky flower: Lily

The sign’s lucky flower is lily, which has been associated with love, devotion, fertility, and purity. Ranging from white and red to pink and orange hues, the flower represents rebirth and fertility since time immemorial.

There are several reasons why lilies should be planted in the house. They purify the air, promote peaceful sleep, and are known to eliminate harmful radiation emanating from gadgets in addition to being low-maintenance.

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Ox: Tulip
Ox: Tulip

Patience and honesty are the two dominant traits of the people born in the year of the Ox. While they’re usually calm and persistent, it’s hard to deal with them once they unleash their stubborn side. Overall, Oxes achieve what they want with consistent effort, detailed planning and strong resolute.

Lucky flower: Tulip

Tulips are commonly associated with deep love and act as an ideal romantic gift. The flowers also represent rebirth as they bloom right at the beginning of spring. In addition, tulips are perfect to soothe and relax the mind of Ox-born folks.

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Tiger: Anthurium
Tiger: Anthurium

Akin to its name, the Tiger zodiac sign is extremely fierce and bold. People belonging to this sign always stand up for what they believe is right and don’t fear those working against their interests. They might get a little selfish at times but are generous and giving in nature.

Lucky flower: Anthurium

The unique heart-shaped anthurium flowers attract positivity and love. The foliage instills the feeling of romance and has a calming effect as well. Anthurium is easy to care for and has air-purifying properties, making it a perfect addition to anyone’s home.

However, they’re not meant for consumption and can cause harm to the mouth, throat, and intestinal tract.

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Rabbit: Snapdragon
Rabbit: Snapdragon

Considered the luckiest of all 12 signs, Rabbit is usually calm, tender and likes to maintain its peace. People born in the year of the Rabbit are great at maintaining relationships and are surrounded by a lot of friends. They always keep up with their promises and always place their family first.

Lucky flower: Snapdragon

Snapdragon represents strength and grace, and many use it to ward off negative energy. A Snapdragon is an ornamental plant, whose flowers represent the face of a dragon that opens and closes its mouth when squeezed laterally. They’re widely available in the summer and spring seasons, blooming in a variety of colours like white, yellow, orange, red, purple, lavender and more.

The snapdragon flowers are edible, and many restaurants use them as dressings on salads. Its health benefits include detoxification of blood, purification of the liver, treating mild burn injuries and relieving urinary tract Infections.

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Dragon: Hyacinth
Dragon: Hyacinth

People belonging to the Dragon zodiac sign always strive for excellence in whatever they do and never shy away from taking risks. They’re intelligent and hardworking in addition to being naturally lucky. Dragons have high moral values and dignity.

Lucky flower: Hyacinth

Their lucky flower hyacinth represents rebirth and health. It brings peace of mind and imbues a positive feeling when placed in the vicinity. These gorgeous, fragrant blooms are a treat to the eyes.

Hyacinth bulbs are hazardous and can cause skin irritation, however, their seeds are used for medicinal purposes, especially to treat diarrhoea and stomach disorders.

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Snake: Orchid
Snake: Orchid

Just like their zodiac animal, people born in the year of the Snake are nonchalant and mysterious. They are keen observers with amazing intuition and are believed to be the wisest among the lot. They don’t like taking anyone’s opinion and often rely on their highly accurate judgement. This also makes them come across as overconfident and stubborn at times.

Lucky flower: Orchid

Orchids bring good luck, peace and prosperity. They are lovely houseplants and can elevate any space with their beauty and charm.

In addition, orchids are enriched with vitamins C and E, which makes them beneficial for the immune system. They also help cure indigestion and relieve stress.

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Horse: Jasmine
Horse: Jasmine

People born in the year of the Horse are extremely likeable because of their enthusiastic and cheerful personalities. They’re warm-hearted, positive, and lively and are likely to rise in their career because of their never-ending zeal. Their large social circle helps them manoeuvre difficulties in life.

Lucky flower: Jasmine

Their lucky bloom Jasmine stands for purity and sensuality. They create a happy aura when around. The flower’s bright variants make it a great fit for decoration purposes.

It’s further used as a flavouring agent in beverages, desserts, gelatins and more.

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Goat: Carnation
Goat: Carnation

People born in the year of the Goat echo similar character traits as the zodiac animal. They’re calm and gentle. They’re also extremely loyal and kind-hearted and often try to make every relationship work out as they don’t embrace change. While this sign likes being in groups, they’re shy and don’t like to grab attention in any way.

Lucky flower: Carnation

Carnations come in pink, white, red and many more hues, symbolising purity, luck, gratitude, and admiration. Carnations also signify pure love and innocence.

The flowers can be brewed into tea to help keep stress at bay and keep energy levels intact. Carnation oil works wonders for the skin, helping in moisturisation and blurring wrinkles.

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Monkey: Chrysanthemum
Monkey: Chrysanthemum

The Monkey sign is often charming, mischievous, witty, and very clever. People belonging to this sign amaze others with their wisdom, sharp foresight, and strong determination to achieve a goal. Monkeys are ready to help their loved ones when needed, however, their eccentric nature makes them hard to trust.

Lucky flower: Chrysanthemum

Their lucky flower chrysanthemum stands for deep passion and love as well as longevity and fidelity. In Chinese culture, people often gift these flowers at baby showers and birthday celebrations for long life and good fortune. The petals and flowers are also essential in Chinese cooking.

The flower’s rich medicinal properties make it ideal to be used for treating chest pain, diabetes and reducing fever.

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Rooster: Cockscomb
Rooster: Cockscomb

Roosters are deep thinkers who have strong instincts and seldom rely on others. They’re talkative, frank as well as honest and always stand out from the crowd. Thanks to their creativity and solution-oriented approach, they emerge successful in their professional endeavours and have great growth prospects.

Lucky flower: Cockscomb

The peculiar-looking cockscomb flower is named for its resemblance to the crest of a rooster. Its feathery texture and coral-like appearance make it very calming to have around. Cockscomb is associated with love, affection and courage. They also remain unscathed during storms and thereby represent strength and immortality.

These flowers make for the perfect gift for weddings or just decking up your house during festivities.

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Dog: Rose
Dog: Rose

People belonging to the Dog zodiac sign are the most loyal and sincere ones. They are known for walking the extra mile for those important to them. They’re particularly good at keeping secrets, making people easily confide in them. On the other side, they’re not great communicators and come across stubborn at times.

Lucky flower: Rose

Their lucky flower rose, with its deep and rich hues, and incredible fragrance screams love and passion. They are also associated with secrecy and confidentiality.

Rosewater has calming properties that soothe any skin irritation and make it supple.

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Pig: Hydrangea
Pig: Hydrangea

Rounding up the Chinese zodiac cycle is Pig, which is known for its accommodating personality and compassion. People born in the year of the Pig have a strong heart, calm appearance, and maintain relationships with utmost sincerity. However, they easily trust people and their naivety makes them susceptible to heartbreaks.

Lucky flower: Hydrangea

Their lucky flower hydrangea commonly denotes grace, abundance, and wealth. In Japanese culture, they also represent heartfelt apology and gratitude.

As for health benefits, hydrangea’s roots have been long used to treat urinary infections as it has diuretic effects.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Which is the lucky flower in Chinese zodiac?

Answer: Each Chinese zodiac sign has a lucky flower that is believed to brings luck, prosperity, and happiness.

Question: What is the lucky flower for people born in the year of the Snake?

Answer: Orchid is the lucky flower of the people born in the year of the Snake.

Question: What is the lucky flower for people born in the year of the Rabbit?

Answer: The beautiful snapdragon is considered to be lucky for people belonging to the Rabbit zodiac sign.

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Lucky Flowers That Will Bring You Prosperity, According To Your Chinese Zodiac Sign
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