Derived from the word ‘Intrinsic’ Intrix caters to one of our basic (intrinsic) needs, that of water.

Intrix Group has been around since 2003, led by a group of passionate and experienced engineers, and comprises three product categories – Intrix AquaTec, Intrix ThermoTec, and Intrix MediTec which cater to seven sectors including property developments, medical industry, food & beverage industry and exports – under three business segments, namely exports, projects and most recently consumer products, under Intrix Lifestyle.

We speak to Tee Tone Vei, the group’s founder and managing director to find out more about its latest product and the newly launched Intrix Lifestyle arm of the company – that caters toward non-commercial usage in the home, with the aim of making healthy water accessible and affordable to all Malaysians while preserving its natural minerals.

mr tee intrix
Tee Tone Vei, founder and managing director of Intrix

How did Intrix Lifestyle come about?

Well, I’m rather lucky to have figured out rather early on that I was passionate in research and development – I’ve always wanted to innovate products to deliver better solutions. That, plus the fact that I was fortunate enough to gather an incredible team of like minded ‘techies’ with whom we have developed 17 international patents to our name – a testament to just how out of the box thinkers we are!

For the past 18 years, we’ve mainly been focused on big commercial projects such as the London 2012 Olympics. We’ve also got a Malaysia World Record for the Largest Renewable Energy Hot Water System built in Resorts World Genting – where guests get to enjoy hot water that is heated up through free and renewable energy from ambient air at lower temperatures (so do enjoy guilt-free showers when you’re next holidaying there.)

In the end, everything we do is for the end user, me and you – which is where Intrix Lifestyle comes in. We figured it was high time to create products that anyone could buy off our website or on Lazada and Shopee; the first being Malaysia’s first instant purified boiling water tap, Intrix Reinz Plus.

Tell us more about the Reinz Plus

At Intrix Lifestyle, our mission is to empower a better experience for our customers through providing thoughtful solutions, and more than anything, we want to help our customers change their lifestyles to not only be more sustainable and eco-friendly, in a practical and convenient way – which our recently launched Intrix Reinz Plus allows for.

intrix reinz plus
Get filtered water straight from your tap with the Intrix Reinz Plus

We spent three years in research and development (R&D) to develop the Intrix Reinz Plus so that we would create a product that is aesthetically pleasing, energy saving, environmentally friendly, with easy maintenance and the highest safety standards (approved by over 10 local and international standards) and above all, a product that will fulfil the needs of our customers.

Intrix Reinz Plus provides our customers with easy and instant access to hot water, allowing them to enjoy other key benefits such as making instant beverages, boiling or poaching food, cleaning greasy dishes and sterilising items such as cooking utensils and baby bottles – all without having to put a kettle on and waiting for the water to boil!

Additionally, our customers are able to enjoy the ultimate convenience (while reclaiming precious kitchen countertop space) of easily eliminating bacteria and various other contaminants through our filtration and heating technology.

Last but definitely not least, our customers will also be able to save up to 70% of energy using Intrix Reinz Plus, as compared to using a normal electric kettle.

What differentiates the Reinz Plus to other similar products in the market?

We believe that the extensiveness of water purification and patented heating technology that Intrix Reinz Plus provides alongside cost effectiveness is what sets us apart from other brands in the market and gives us a competitive edge.

There are two main reasons which set us apart: the three-stage nano filtration system and the patented titanium inner core. These allow for first, the water to be truly treated, thus eliminating most if not all of the contaminants, bacteria, algae, viruses and chemicals found from unfiltered water. Then as titanium does not contain any iron, it cannot rust or corrode. With that, there is no risk of pitting, oxidising and surface breakdown or leaching of heavy metals into the drinking water.

Both of these processes are packed into one main unit that ensures the highest and safest water quality without removing any of the essential minerals – now you can clean, cook and drink straight from your tap with no worries!

preparing instant noodles using intrix
The Intrix Reinz Plus makes cooking and cleaning a lot more convenient

What’s in store for the future of Intrix Lifestyle?

In the past year and a half, we’ve seen just how greatly the pandemic has affected the world, and how the phrase “prevention is better than cure” rings true. Taking that into consideration, we’ve set our sights on developing a range of equipment capable of preventing the airborne transmission of infectious diseases in indoor environments.

We’re currently in the midst of finalising the products and we can’t wait to announce the launch soon, so definitely stay tuned for when we make the announcement!


written by.

Aaron Pereira

Digital Editor
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#StartupOfTheMonth: Intrix Lifestyle Delivers Hot Water On Tap
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