Already a certified global hit, Wonder Woman has raked in a whopping amount of $436 Million in its second weekend. To put things into perspective, Diana’s cinematic debut has made more money in two weeks than 2011’s Green Lantern had during its entire box office run. Wonder Woman not only won the box office battle, but also the hearts of the critics and fans as well. With many going as far as calling it the greatest DC film since The Dark Knight. With such raving results both critically and financially, what is it about the Amazonian princess that has resonated so well with audiences?

Whether in the form of comics, live action films, or TV, Wonder Woman has always been seen as a feminist icon. This is largely influenced by the creation of her character. Created by psychologist William Moulton Marston (who also invented the lie detector), Marston believed that female leadership was imperative in a world consumed with hatred and violence. This is apparently evident in the fact that Wonder Woman makes up one third of the legendary DC trinity (alongside Batman and Superman). Her philosophy of not relying on violence is what makes Diana Prince such a great character, one who continues to love people despite them being so consumed with fighting its own kind.

Unlike other members of the trinity, the star-spangled heroine has no ties to Earth (Batman is a human, whereas Superman grew up in Earth despite being an alien). Yet, Diana has faith in the people of Earth, truly believing that there is an unshakable kindness in mankind. If Batman’s tale is one of justice, whereas Superman’s story is one of hope, Wonder Woman’s narrative is one of love, having love for people, even when they don’t deserve it.

Wonder Woman holds to the ideology that mankind can be greater. Diana Prince strives towards that ideal. Diana Prince is honorable and incredibly courageous. She has compassion even for the lowest. She believes that all people should be valued equally and treated with respect. She knows violence is a mere instrument, not the solution. Wonder Woman is a heroine who extends her love and compassion to the people of Earth, whether they deserve it or not.

76 years after its debut in the comics, Wonder Woman is arguably as relevant today as she was when she was first conceptualised. In a world that’s fueled with darkness, people need a figure that inspires optimism rather than hate and disdain. Wonder Woman represents the ultimate embodiment of that. Wonder Woman chooses love over wrath. What do you choose?

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Why Do We Love Wonder Woman?
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