A Harry Potter reboot TV series is reportedly in the works at HBO. The question we have is… why?

It’s been 12 years since the end of the main Harry Potter film franchise and now, it’s been reported that a TV series based on the books is in the works. Nothing has been officially announced or confirmed, but that hasn’t stopped many Potterheads around the world to ask one question in incredulous fashion: why?

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The unnecessary Harry Potter reboot TV series is reportedly in the works

A Bloomberg article has reported that HBO is “close to a deal” for a Harry Potter TV series “according to two people with knowledge of the matter”. The same article says that the plan is for each season to be based on each book. That means that it will have a total of seven seasons, and more importantly, that this is a full-fledged reboot and not simply another story set in the Wizarding World a lá Fantastic Beasts.

“The company is hoping the series can be one cornerstone of a new streaming strategy that will be announced next week by HBO’s parent, Warner Bros.,” writes Lucas Shaw for Bloomberg. “That company’s chief executive officer, David Zaslav, and HBO chief Casey Bloys have worked to convince Rowling to produce a new series, but the deal hasn’t been completed.”’

The report has, unsurprisingly, upset a lot of Potterheads, and for the first time, it’s not about JK Rowling. The general consensus is that a reboot isn’t necessary. Many love the original films and consider them classics, so the notion of remaking them seems to be somewhat appalling to fans. 

On top of that, Potterheads have also been calling for a film or show based on the Marauders, the moniker of James Potter and friends, even back when the film franchise wasn’t done yet. That idea went unheeded and Warner Bros. instead produced the Fantastic Beasts series, whose last film underperformed. Now, with this reboot, it very much seems like the big suits don’t really care about what the audience wants. 

It seems that the studio thinks that this might be an easy cash grab. But with a fanbase as passionate and dedicated as Potterheads are, it may come back to haunt them. Warner Bros. probably should have learned this during the whole Snyderverse fiasco with Justice League, but maybe they haven’t.

To cap it off, here are some of our favourite reactions from Twitter. 

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