Tired of dating apps? Consider signing up for Sima Aunty’s matchmaking services to find your perfect life partner. But first, you should know how much Sima Taparia of Indian Matchmaking charges for her services.

The Netflix show Indian Matchmaking became a household name after the immense success of its first season. With season 2 just concluded, the buzz around this show isn’t dying down any time soon. For everyone who thought that hiring a matchmaker for an arranged marriage was an outdated concept, the show has been an eye-opener. And more than anything, the popular series has given hope to all singles out there who want to take the plunge and get married.

However, if you are thinking of hiring Sima Aunty for her matchmaking services, her fees will blow your mind. Let’s take a look at how much Sima Taparia charges to “not wave off her magic wand.”

What are Sima Taparia’s charges?

On Indian Matchmaking, Sima Aunty might refer to herself as a marriage consultant and call it “God’s work”. But at the crux of it, she is a matchmaker. And an extremely good one at that, who’s been in the business for decades.


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With all those years of experience and now global fame, thanks to the Netflix show, comes a hefty price tag. Sima Taparia’s fee start from Rs 1 lakh and can go up to as high as Rs 5 lakhs (RM 5,600 to RM 28,000), which she charges from both sides of the match.

What is Sima Taparia’s process of making matches?

If you thought matchmaking was an easy business, this would be the time to burst that bubble. In an interview with CN Traveller, Sima Taparia revealed her tried and tested approach that she follows with all her clients.

Sima Taparia charges indian matchmaking
Sima Taparia became a household name after appearing on the hit TV show Indian Matchmaking. (Image: Instagram)

“I go and meet the boy and the family, see what their home is like, where they work, where they have been to school,” she revealed. “This helps me assess their lifestyles so I can recommend a match that is on an even keel. This is where Tinder, Bumble and Shaadi.com can’t compete. I get to the bottom of things, finding out all the inside stories, the family’s values and other such details you would never get from looking at a person’s online profile.”

How did Sima Taparia begin her matchmaking business?


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Having been in a successful arranged marriage herself, Sima Taparia is a staunch believer in the concept of arranged marriages. She got married at 19 to Anup Taparia, and started setting up people as a hobby. She started a service called Suitable Rishtas, where her clientele was only Marwaris — people from the Marwar region of Rajasthan, India. From a humble beginning to becoming one of India’s top matchmakers today, Sima Taparia has truly globalised her business.

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