Horror documentaries might not have been interesting for audiences a few decades ago, but they are receiving all the attention now. We cannot deny that documentaries are less engaging than the movies we watch. However, the documentary produces facts that movies cannot tally. Many documentaries consist of backstories we have watched on our favourite movies.

Documentary directors are starting to add plot structures into their documentary format to ensure anticipation among audiences. From Wes Craven to Joel Anderson, each documentary director has their method of making a documentary.

Most movies we watch are adaptation or re-enactment of documentaries. There are many unresolved questions in some horror films you watch. These documentaries may have the answers to all your doubts. Here are some of the best horror documentaries to inform and entertain you with your family and friends.

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Noroi: The Curse

This Japanese documentary stands as one of the best original horror documentaries. This 2005 film is about Masafumi Kobayashi, a paranormal writer, and researcher who disappears while making a documentary titled The Curse. The film shows most of his recorded footage before he goes missing. This documentary about The Curse is directed by Kōji Shiraishi.

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My Amityville Horror

This story is very famous among horror fans. Blockbuster movies like The Amityville Horror and The Conjuring are based on this story. In this documentary, Daniel Lutz, one of the family members involved in the horrendous incident, shares his side of the story. Eric Walter, one of the most established documentary filmmakers in the world, gathers years of his experience in producing one of the scariest horror documentaries.

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This 2013 film is by Kōji Shiraishi investigates the exorcism of a Kaneda family. Events in the household are recorded by the production team. Cult appears to be one of the most peculiar found footages film as the documentary have terrifying scenes for viewers to enjoy. This Japanese story received good feedback from many horror fans.

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The Nightmare

No one has not experienced sleep paralysis. This documentary may resolve some of the questions about the topic. The Nightmare features eight people who face trouble sleeping while the makers analyse the issue. This box-office documentary is directed by Rodney Ascher. Get to know more about the fearful side of sleep paralysis and educate yourself on ways to prevent it.

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Demon House

This film compiles one of the frightening cases of possession in American history. Zak Bagans, the director of the docudrama, purchases the demon house and experience fiendish incidents. He then gathers previous tenants of the demonic house to share their experience under the satanic roof. The production crew of the film experiences scary encounters while shooting the compiling the footage.

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The Poughkeepsie Tapes

The Poughkeepsie Tapes may not feature paranormal attributes, but it may be the most disturbing documentaries ever made. John Erick Dowdle directs one the mockumentary film, which tells a story about a serial killer who leaves over 800 hundred tapes consisting of torture and killing. Beware, the 2007 documentary may give you the chills you may not enjoy. Will in murder investigators be able to catch the serial killer? Find out when you watch The Poughkeepsie Tapes.

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Lake Mungo

Famous documentary filmmaker Joel Anderson directs this mystery horror. In this presentation, Alice Palmer drowns at a dam while swimming. Alice’s family then gets the help of a parapsychologist who reveals the other side of the girl. She leaves behind some disturbing recording, which explains her mysterious behaviour. Lake Mungo is labelled one of the most hysterical horror documentaries by many horror fans.

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In Search of Darkness

In Search of Darkness is by far the highest-rated documentary in the world. This film is directed by David A. Weiner. This 2019 British American documentary explores 80s supernatural films and famous people who worked in the production. David. A. Weiner studies different aspects of horror before presenting to horror film audiences. In Search of Darkness features famous stars like Tom Atkins and Doug Bradley.

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Some Of The Scariest Documentaries Horror Fans Should Never Miss
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