The highly anticipated series, Loki is now available on Disney+ locally.

Surely one of the biggest shows streaming in June, Tom Hiddleston returns as the God of Mischief in this new Marvel series. Set after the events of Avengers: Endgame, we catch up with Loki after he escapes with the Tesseract. However his shenanigans finds himself crossing paths with the Time Variance Authority. Forced by his new associates to repair the fractured timeline as a result of his time with the Infinity Stone. The new series sees Loki attempting to step out of his brother’s shadow in a bid to save the world. The series also stars Owen Wilson, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Sophia Di Martino and Richard E. Grant.

Fans of Marvel, especially those of the god of mischief can rejoice as Loki the series is now available for viewing. In light of that, we got to speak with a couple of the biggest names within the production to find out more about their roles and how they felt about the series.


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“After Infinity War I was having a conversation with the people from Marvel Studios, and we realised that I’ve done six movies as Loki, and of course most of that were part of the Thor saga. So where do we go now? Loki is almost this endlessly fascinating box of tricks where the moment you think you know him he reveals something else.

I remember leaving the conversation thinking, this is going to be very, very new because the character has got so much breadth and so much depth. That’s been the gift to me as an actor.

And I truly hope fans of Marvel will love the show. We’ve added a lot of bright, colourful and spectacular elements to the series, which contains light and shade, as well as depth and relief.

Plus there’s interesting characters added to the mould, and new worlds in which these characters go up against all sorts of emotional and physical challenges. On top of my character of course, who is still the guy you know, he’s still the god of mischief, but expressed in a whole new level.

Loki has evolved essentially. The previous cycle was that he is trusted, he betrays, he becomes a villain, he learns to trust again, he’s betrayed, he becomes trusting again, he can be trusted again, then he betrays or feels betrayed. It’s just this endless cycle of trust and betrayal and resistance.

In the series, we’ve released him from the trap; we’re showing he can change and that he can grow. We all really wanted the tone of the show to represent the best of the character I portray.”

Owen Wilson and Tom Hiddleston who play Mobius and Loki respectively in the series


Picking up on what Tom Hiddleston mentioned about the stellar cast which joins him in the series, we also got the input from another Hollywood A-List, Owen Wilson.


Owen wilson, Mobius

owen wilson

“Having only basic knowledge on Marvel films, I really appreciated it when Tom [Hiddleston] would give me what we called “Loki lectures” as I first got onto the set. They were in-depth looks at the titular character and his history in the MCU that opened up the world to me. Tom worked with me individually, just going over the lore and everything that he felt was important and showing me clips and things.

Then I also ended up writing down some of the stuff he said, describing Loki, describing kind of his thoughts and feelings about scenes that he had done. And I think that even worked its way sometimes into dialogue that I would say in this. So, that was really effective.

The character I play, Mobius, is a detective in the TVA (Time Variance Authority). The way that Mobius fits into the story is that he’s a little bit like Nick Nolte getting Eddie Murphy out of jail in “48 Hours” to help him investigate. It’s a little bit of that kind of idea where Mobius believes in this investigation and the fact that there is someone creating real mayhem for the TVA that Loki can help him find.

Mobius makes an appeal to the judge to intercede on Loki’s behalf before his sentencing. He asks her to let Loki work with him on a case. Working with him, of course, is a little bit of a chess match to gain his trust, and Loki seeing how far he can go with Mobius. And who’s manipulating whom? And whose purposes ultimately are going to be served, and who is going to win out in this match between them? But I think in that shared endeavour that there is something, if not a friendship, then there’s some sort of interesting dynamic between them that maybe you haven’t seen the Loki character have in the other Marvel movies.

When the director, Kate Herron, and I first had a conversation, which was before I’d read the scripts, she was describing the character and describing the relationship between Loki and Mobius, and describing Mobius and his mission, and the way that Loki ties into that. It just sounded complicated and interesting. And, yes, maybe not something that you would expect from a comic book world, while still providing some of the excitement and thrills and sense of adventure that you do expect from these stories.”

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Tom Hiddleston And Owen Wilson Tell Us More About Disney+’s Loki
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