The bad news is: we aren’t getting a taste of freedom just yet. The good news is: there’s always Netflix to help us get through the extended Circuit Breaker. This month’s selection should help us breeze through the next four weeks.

All Day and a Night

All Day and A Night

Growing up, Jahkor (Ashton Sanders of A24’s Moonlight) never wanted to be like his absent father JD (Jeffrey Wright of HBO’s Westworld) – carrying weapons, engaging in crime, and landing himself behind bars. That’s all, however, about to change when Jahktor finds himself struggling to make ends meet to support his pregnant partner. To earn a quick buck, he started committing  petty crimes and soon landed himself in prison next to his father. All isn’t lost as this became impetus for Jahkor to clean up and set a better example for his newborn son.

Date: 1 May



After his first Netflix series The Politician in 2019, filmmaker Ryan Murphy is back with Hollywood. As the name suggests,  American showbiz forms the series’ central premise, specifically set in Hollywood’s golden age.

Some of themes will remind you of Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time in Hollywood. But while it focused on the highs and lows in the lives of actors, Murphy’s Hollywood gives the audience a glimpse into Peg Entwistle’s suicide and actors who would do anything for the chance to stand out in Hollywood.

Date: 1 May

Trial By Media
Netflix May 2020: Trial By Media
Credit: @haydenwalker, Unsplash

If nothing is more satisfying to you than a well-produced true-crime docuseries, you’re in for a treat. For May, Netflix is releasing Trial by Media. It explores how the press can reshape public perception of whether a defendant is guilty or innocent. The cases presented in the series include the murder caused by The Jenny Jones’ Show, the political fall of former US Governor Rod Blagojevich, and the controversy surrounding the death of African immigrant Amadou Diallo.

Date: 11 May



Although film details are scarce at the moment, what we do know is this: Netflix’s Snowpiercer is an original series based on award-winning South Korean filmmaker Bong Joon-Ho’s 2013 film that starred Chris Evans, Tilda Swinton and Octavia Spencer. So it’s safe to say that Netflix’s series won’t be too far off from the original premise that saw Curtis Everett (played by Chris Evans) lead a revolution against Minister Mason (Tilda Swinton) and the elites from one end of the train to another in hope of bringing about equity between the rich and poor.

Ho’s Snowpiercer was nominated for Best Film across several film festivals. Ho and Swinton respectively clinched the Best Director and the Best Actress awards for their efforts. If Netflix plays its cards right, 2020 version of Snowpiercer may reach similar heights.

Date: 25 May

Space Force

Netflix May 2020: Space Force

If you’ve enjoyed the comedy series The Office, you’re going to like Netflix’s Space Force. As in The Office, Steve Carell spearheads the show. This time, however, he won’t be in charge of a group of workers at a paper printing company. Rather, Carell plays a four-star general who has been chosen by the White House to lead a newly formed department in the US Armed Forces to help America get back on the moon and achieve total space dominance.

Date: 29 May

Other honourable mentions: Into the Night (1 May), Mrs Serial Killer (1 May), Te Quiero Imbécil (15 May), Chichipatos (15 May), History 101 (22 May), Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich (27 May), and Intuition (28 May).

All images, otherwise stated: Netflix Singapore
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