If hate-watching has become a trend, Indian Matchmaking is at its forefront. The popular Netflix show finally returned to our screens last month and we have a lot to say about it.

Mumbai’s favourite matchmaker Sima Taparia is back on Netflix after its first season, which quickly became a runaway hit. While it received a lot of flak for its regressive opinions and content, people just could not stop watching the show. It was a new concept, it was addictive and reality TV at its best. Soon, the show went on to become a rage and made Sima Taparia a household name around the world. Needless to say, Indian Matchmaking season 2 had us hooked, to say the least. And we learned a lot of new things this time. Here’s more on that.

Things we learned after watching Indian Matchmaking season 2

Nobody wants to move to a small town

Indian Matchmaking
Image: Courtesy Instagram/Akshay Dhumal

The first episode was sort of an eye-opener we’d say. Meet Akshay Dhumal from Nashik, who’s the poster boy of a perfect match. He is tall, handsome, has studied abroad, has a successful business, is a family-oriented guy. The only catch? He lives in Nashik, where nobody wants to move. The show Indian Matchmaking chronicled his trajectory, where he even performed a puja to negate the dosha in his married life.

Sima Taparia has evolved. A bit

While Sima Taparia in Season 1 was all about cringe and regressive thoughts when it came to women, in Season 2, she has evolved a bit. From asking women to compromise, she now asks men too, to compromise and settle for whatever they are getting. At least she’s maintaining equality in her outdated beliefs.

But the men still haven’t

If you are one of those who sets the bar for evolution based on Western countries and their culture, Indian Matchmaking is an eye-opener. Seeking a woman who cooks like his mother, a woman who is ‘well-maintained’ and ‘into fitness’ while they have a paunch, adjusting and blending well with the guy’s family and friends, wanting to leave a career and move to small town, because ‘you are not marrying a city, you are marrying a person’, wanting the woman to be both ‘introverted and extroverted’, this season has it all. These are just a few criteria that the men this season are seeking in their partners.

All the women are strong, powerful and just what we need in the world

Versus, women who earn their own money, has built their own empire, wanting their partner to understand the responsibilities of an only child, have a debt-free life, put equal amounts of effort in a relationship, not wanting to give up their own identity, ready to move cities for love. That’s the women of Indian Matchmaking Season 2.

We learned a new type of diet

Meet Viral Joshi, based in North Carolina, one of the contenders in this season. Not gonna lie, we all had to Google what lacto-ovo semi vegetarian is, because that’s what she described herself as.

A chicken business can make you rich


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You might have watched several documentaries on the global meat industry. But Indian Matchmaking season 2 gave an insight on how lucrative a chicken business is. Akshay Dhumal from Nashik is a second generation businessman, who is living the best life, courtesy of his chicken business.

All her clients are rich AF


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One thing we couldn’t help but notice how rich all of Sima Taparia’s clients are, especially on the second season of Indian Matchmaking. Luxury cars, walk-in closets, huge mansions, they have it all.

Sima Taparia doesn’t approve of Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra

Even if you haven’t watched the show, by now you know from all the memes that Sima Taparia from Mumbai doesn’t approve of Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra’s wedding. But she did add “Even if he was Nick, I don’t think Priyanka would shift to his chicken factory.” Wonder Priyanka Chopra would do!

Sima Taparia is utterly dedicated to her job


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Say what you may, but one thing we were wowed by was how dedicated Sima Aunty is to her job. Frequent flying in and out, meeting all her clients in person, constantly being in touch with them via calls, voice notes and video calls, she gives it her all. She even flew to the States when Nadia threw a party in her honour. That’s what dedication looks like!

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What We’ve Learnt After Binge-Watching ‘Indian Matchmaking’ Season 2
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