Through a short 17-second video, Big Hit Entertainment announced BTS V’s highly-anticipated debut solo EP Layover. The collection — featuring five tracks and a bonus — is led by the pop-R&B-soul title Slow Dancing, and will drop on 8 September. Here’s all about it.

Over the course of the past few months, several members of the world’s most popular K-pop boy group have found their individual music styles — topping charts and selling out shows in the process. This includes Suga (or, Augst D) who toured the world with his hard-hitting raps early this year and Jungkook, whose garage-pop single Seven ft. Latto has taken social media by storm. Continuing this successful streak is BTS’ lead dancer, vocalist, and visual Kim Taehyung (V) with his first-ever solo album Layover. The project’s teaser fittingly sees delivery packages being dropped on doorsteps, declaring the release date to be 8 September.

BTS V’s solo album is led by NewJeans producer Min Hee-jin

According to news reports by Times Now and Korea Herald, Big Hit noted that the collection holds five songs along with a bonus. These include Rainy Days, Blue, Love Me Again, For Us and the title track Slow Dancing, each with a music video. A piano version of the focus song brings the tally up to six.

“To appreciate the album’s flow, we recommend listening to it in sequence from start to finish,” the entertainment agency added. The sound at large is expected to be a medley of pop, R&B, and soul with vintage elements peppered in — an ideal vehicle for the artist’s versatile vocal style.

For his first project, V joined hands with NewJeans’ producer Min Hee-jin. The latter ran point on the music, choreography, design, and promotion for the album as well. Hindustan Times quotes her saying,” I was intrigued by V’s attitude and passion as well as his voice tone, which I wasn’t familiar with.” She further noted, “We prepared music that reflects V’s preferences… Rather than a familiar style, we placed focus on music that we want to make and music that we can pull off well. We were terribly busy, but I think an interesting production emerged.”

Meanwhile Taehyung stated he felt a combination of nerves and joy. “It’s an album that captures my tastes. There will be abundant spectacles. I prepared while thinking that ARMY will be happy, so I hope you can anticipate it. I think you will be able to see a new side of solo artist V that is different from BTS’s V.” This isn’t, however, his first solo rodeo. His body of work includes several chart-toppers like Christmas Tree, Winter Bear, and Singularity.

All images: Courtesy BTS

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