We step out of our usual selection of music to discover five female Danish artists who are already creating a buzz in Europe – and maybe here, soon enough.

Find out more about these 5 Danish artists and their music below:


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Photo by Petra Kleis

This Copenhagen-based newcomer, who spells her name using lowercase letters, is back following last years’ critically acclaimed self-titled debut album – and mags is here with a fresh, new and highly energetic touch to her honest electronic pop.

With the release of ‘as long as we’re both breathing’ mags delivers – not just a heartfelt story of love and hate – but one of the most explosive choruses to come out of the Nordic pop scene this year.

Her debut album was praised by Danish media while her latest single, ‘i can’t get over you’ produced under Warner Music, made her one of the most talked about Danish artists on international music sites in 2021.

 Mina Okabe

mina okabe
Photo by Karen Rosetzsky

This Danish-Japanese songbird releases her debut album on August 27, 2021. Despite the positive vibe in her melodies, there’s always a certain longing and something bittersweet in Mina’s voice and words and the brand new single, ‘Miss Those Days.’

Mina Okabe writes the most blissful, dreamy pop songs. They shimmer of optimism – almost like a musical reassurance of something better on the horizon during the mad times we live in – while her diary-like song writing is an honest look inside the head and thoughts of a young woman.

She is signed with indie label Copenhagen Records.


Photo by Petra Kleis

This 19-year-old Danish artist is a newcomer who clashes the sound of the alternative 90s with raw, modern pop.

As a kid, RoseeLu grew up to the sound of her dad’s piano, wrote her first melodies in kindergarten and eventually decided to follow her own dream and ambition to become a full-time musician when she quit high-school, left home and moved to Copenhagen at the age of just 17. RoseeLu has always done things her way and has always been a loner – not in an introvert way but in a constant search and lust for life in an extrovert kind of way.

The hard hitting debut by RoseeLu fuses the sound of alternative 90’s grunge with modern hip hop and widescreen pop. Her powerhouse vocal is destined to go way beyond the Danish borders. ‘Playing Alone’ is out now on Universal Music.


Photo by Matlhe Behr

Having lived an almost busker lifestyle – playing street corners, bars and clubs with newly met friends from around the globe – the sound of siné takes off in her incredibly soulful voice. The music is playful and full of funky chord changes, spacy horn sections and break beats and it all revolves around inspiration in 90s R&B and hip hop, the legendary Motown-feel and carefree sunshine pop!

Her song ‘2GOOD2U’ produced by Universal Music, is the brand new single by a young, restless and colourful mind. siné is here to express herself through a musical universe that sparks contradictions such as fun and vulnerability. Besides dealing with her state of life, siné is a colorful and playful mind and her music sparks everything from classic Motown to hip hop break beats and sunshine pop.

eee gee

eee gee
Photo by Niklas Adrian Vindelev

Danish singer-songwriter Emma Grankvist, AKA eee gee, explores and lives her life in full while trying to accept the complexity of life and being a young woman trying to find her way. The contrast of her pure desire to explore the world she lives in while trying to figure it out, makes eee gee’s storytelling and songs stand out as individual honest moments.

eee gee’s elegant universe of music is one of paradoxes – a place where things are not always what they seem – something that is instantly reflected in her song writing that balances between the sound of feel-good melodies and lyrics of being miserable. Her music is a mix of nordic pop melancholia and traditional americana, folk and country. Her visual universe is wonderfully weird! 

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