And we continue to address our wanderlust (even when travel bans are still in place). On that note, here are some other travel ideas you can pin down as part of your bucket list.

Yangon, Myanmar: The majesty of Belmond
Travel to Yangon, Myanmar
Credit: Belmond

At the Belmond Governor’s Residence, you really get to feel like royalty. First, your arrival is heralded by a ceremonial strike of a gong. Ushered to the Governor’s Room, you step into a resplendent suite, where a bed laid over hand-carved frames sits majestically in the milieu of silk-panelled walls. Should you like to experience total relaxation, the Governor’s Oasis is a Burmese spa where you can enjoy a Ku-Nye massage to ease away every trace of tension. Also available here are a slew of pampering treats that promise to nourish your skin and revitalise your soul. When the sun casts long shadows in Yangon, make your way to The Mandalay Restaurant where its chefs will serve up a meal that’s truly fit for a king.

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Jimbaran Bay, Bali: Holistic Approach
Travel to Jimbaran Bay, Bali
Credit: Four Seasons

When travel bans are lifted, the Four Seasons Resort’s Healing Village Spa will be a mecca for anyone who wishes to refresh his body and soul. Spanning 2,000sqm over two levels, it offers 10 treatment suites, six of which have their own private outdoor relaxation and shower areas. There is an extensive menu of treatments, including sound-, thermo- and helio-therapies to release pressure, improve circulation, and coax your mind and body into total relaxation.

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Buje, Croatia: Get close to nature
Travel to Buje, Croatia
Credit: SLH

Perched on the hill in the village of Mužolini Donji in Buje, Croatia, the San Canzian Village & Hotel is an ideal getaway for city dwellers seeking respite from the pressures of their urban existance. Enclosed in a serene neighbourhood filled with viridescent olive groves, gardens and vineyards, the 14th century building offers a range of rooms, suites and villas in sleek, contemporary designs, some with their own infinity pools and saunas. For outdoor recreation, there are walking, hiking and mountain biking trails within easy reach for easy but immersive back-to-nature excursions. Without being overly optimistic, travel restrictions should ease up by September, in time for Croatia’s truffle season. Experience a truffle hunt first hand. It can be challenging, but once you sink your teeth into a nice steak laced with truffle, you’ll know that it’s worth all the trouble.

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Marrakesh, Morocco: Start from within
Travel to Marrakesh, Morocco
Credit: Mandarin Oriental

In view of global health risks, some hotels are going the extra mile to ensure the wellbeing of their guests. Mandarin Oriental has devised a Spa Retreat package in Marrakesh that keeps you safe while satisfying your wanderlust. Once in Morocco, you’re whisked from the medina into the lush grounds of Mandarin Oriental Marrakesh. The Berber-inspired resort boasts one of the finest spas in the world and offers top-notch wellness treatments from Beldi’s Hammam cleansing therapy (similar to a Turkish bath) to MarocMaroc ceremonial massages. These are proven to detox the body, improve the sleep cycle and boost the immune system. Because social distancing can only provide that much protection, the better option is to strengthen ourselves from within.

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Various cities, Turkey: Take Her To cloud nine
Credit: Scott Dunn

If you’re planning a marriage proposal she’ll never forget, consider doing it over Scott Dunn’s eight-day expedition in Turkey. The travel experts are happy to conspire, and it’s a trip that will take you and your partner back in time to the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, across the shimmering “Cotton Castle” at Pamukkale. We reckon when you’re up in the air over Cappadocia would be a good time to get down on one knee.

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When Travel Bans Are Lifted, We’re Heading To These Places
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