Burberry’s Chief Creative Officer, Christopher Bailey paid a small tribute to famous English artists and intellectuals in the debut of its Menswear Spring/Summer 2014 collection titled Writers and Painters. Bailey cited famous playwright and actor Alan Bennett as well as celebrated painter and photographer David Hockney as inspirations for the collection. Describing the collection as ‘easy, relaxed tailoring’, Bailey hoped the collection would appeal in that sense. And relaxed it was. The collection, as some are saying, could be the most compelling of Bailey’s yet.

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The designs were wearable, appropriate for the spring and summer weather and avoided the usual ‘overdone-ness’ that runway shows tend to encourage. Most of the designs seemed to be part of a ready-to-wear collection rather than a runway collection. Designs were not overcrowded with patterns and the fits were looser and not as rigid as previous years. Bailey seems to have tried to shed the earthier shades that Burberry, as a brand, has always been so fond of. The new collection sees a lot of bright colour contrasts, making it appealing for the summer chic look.

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Accessories in the collection lent a helping hand to the colour explosion on the runway as well. Burberry’s eyewear collection, Burberry Wave, was on full display with two different lines. Standing out more was the Burberry Wave Clear line with fluorescent hues and translucid frames, influenced by the colour palette of the runway collection. Interestingly enough, the shades can also be engraved with customers’ initials on the inside of the temple. It is also the first time that Burberry’s eyewear will be part of its Runway Made to Order service so Burberry fans looking to own a piece of personalised eyewear should take note.

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The brand’s limited edition watch line, The Britain Bright, was also showcased. Complimenting the colours of the menswear collection, the watches have also been added to the Runway Made to Order service and can be personalised as well. The line will not be available in stores come February though so fans of the British invasion, order fast or miss out.

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In all, the collection showed a big change in Burberry’s usual style. Whether it pays off (we are confident it will, though) or not, fashionistas will have to wait till February to get their hands on the Writers and Painters collection when it arrives in stores.

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Burberry Menswear Spring/Summer 2014
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