SUMMER and sunnies go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly.

Fendi recently celebrated the launch of its Spring/Summer 2019 men’s eyewear collection by introducing its new eyewear brand ambassador, Rob Raco.


The popular Canadian actor stars in Fendi’s unique “All the time” video too, where he sports various sunglasses in a colourful, kaleidoscopic world.


Fendi X Rob Raco


The new Fendi Spring/Summer 2019 men’s eyewear collection got our attention for a couple of reasons. First off, it offers a fantastic array of designs, frames and silhouettes that’ll suit most tastes and styles. Next, the versatility of the eyewear means that you can slip them on and continue wearing them at any time of the day.


Fendi X Rob Raco


We also talked to Rob Raco about his experience with Fendi and what he looks for when selecting sunglasses. Check out our interview with him below:


Fendi X Rob Raco


Tell us about a memorable moment from the experience.

My favorite part of this experience was all the support throughout the day. It was a long day of shooting and by the end, everyone’s faces were getting long. So, to spice up the last few shots, I decided to have music blare throughout the studio and have a little dance party, so we could all wake up. Needless to say, we finished with big smiles.


Fendi X Rob Raco


How would you describe the Fendi Man?

The Fendi Man is a bold, fearless individual who expresses himself as he chooses, not how society expects him to. The Fendi Man makes a statement.


What have you got in common with the Fendi Man?

I like to think of myself as fearless, but truly this project has allowed me to become bolder and more eccentric.


Fendi X Rob Raco


How do you feel about being the Fendi eyewear collection brand ambassador?

This journey has pushed me into new doors that I never thought I’d open in my career. Representing the face of a company with such strong, powerful fashion ideas has allowed me to recreate myself. I am honored.


Fendi X Rob Raco


What do you think of the new Fendi men’s eyewear collection?

The new eyewear collection is a mixture of both classic and bold styles. I find myself switching out frames based on moods. It’s very diverse and sleek. I never take them off!


Fendi X Rob Raco


What would your “must have” sunglasses look like?

I’m a huge fan of classic style glasses. I love how Fendi incorporated classic styles with modern, sexy metal construction. I love something that makes a statement, whether simple or wild!


Fendi X Rob Raco


What’s next for you?

I’m always reinventing myself creatively. As of now, I’m focusing on acting and music. I have projects on both sides that I’m extremely excited about, but at this point I want to be bold and turn heads instead of getting lost in a sea of commercialism.


Images: FENDI

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Fendi brand ambassador Rob Raco on how you can look cool with shades this summer
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