Fashion meets tech as Louis Vuitton is embracing the world of Web3 and blockchain technologies with an NFT release featuring its renowned Trunk. Dubbed the ‘VIA Treasure Trunk’, this initiative serves as a gateway for collectors, granting them access to various immersive experiences and limited drops throughout the year.

More about Louis Vuitton’s upcoming Web3 launch of ‘Treasure Trunk’

To acquire the Louis Vuitton Trunk, interested users will have to register on a dedicated page of the Louis Vuitton website starting from June 8. The specific details regarding the registration process are not currently available but it has been reported that these NFTs will be priced at USD 41,700 (MYR 1,91,700 approximately).

The trunks serve as a digital key that provides owners with access to upcoming products and experiences within the Louis Vuitton realm. The Treasure Trunks also represent a shift from Louis Vuitton’s previous collection of NFTs featured in Louis the Game, a free-to-play experience designed to educate users about the brand’s rich history.

For the uninitiated who are wondering why Louis Vuitton has chosen the Trunk for its first NFT launch, here’s some important insight. The LV Trunk is an iconic and highly recognisable product from the luxury brand‘s catalogue and is known for its exquisite craftsmanship, attention to detail and iconic LV monogram pattern.

The LV Trunk is designed to provide both functionality and luxury, offering a stylish and secure way to transport your belongings. The LV Trunk has also become a symbol of status and elegance, representing the brand’s heritage and commitment to timeless luxury.

Louis Vuitton Trunk
Image credits: Louis Vuitton

The upcoming launch is a component of Via, the French fashion luxury house’s new project aiming to connect consumers with unique products and experiences. Via, derived from the Latin world for ‘road’, focuses on creating a pathway for customers to access exclusive offerings.

The other upcoming drops, which will happen throughout the year, will include new collectables available in limited editions. The Trunk will be accompanied by a physical counterpart and a set of digital keys that will help you unlock the world of Via.

When will the LV ‘Treasure Trunk’ drop?

Starting from June 8, the Via Treasure Trunk will be accessible on Louis Vuitton’s website, catering to collectors located in the United States, Canada, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and Australia.

Louis Vuitton’s other NFT ventures

Louis Vuitton Trunk
Image credits: Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton has been actively involved in the Web3 space, engaging in gaming experiences with Louis: The Game and exploring on-chain functionality through the Aura Blockchain, which is supported by its parent company LVMH. The brand remains committed to innovation, be it physical or digital, and the Via Treasure Trunk is a representation of the next phase in the luxury brand’s exploratory journey.

(Hero and feature image credits: Louis Vuitton)

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Louis Vuitton Introduces Its Iconic Trunk To The World Of Web3
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