Take a sneak peak at the making of Shanghai Tang’s autumn / winter 2013 campaign, set in the stunning Folies Bergere in Paris (shown in the video above). You can always count on Shanghai Tang to transport you into a world where high fashion meets cinematic excellence.
We were impressed by the dynamic evolution of Shanghai Tang’s campaigns over the past years and the way it epitomises Asian beauty through reinventions of traditional Chinese wear. A brand which is deeply entrenched in its culture, the collection definitely portrays the diversity of oriental wear which exudes opulence and glamour. The French opera, Folies Bergere, is a fine setting that encloses depth and textures, where the art deco interiors and baroque embellishments help to elevate the collection and bring the pieces to life. This collection consists of luscious new materials like rich velvets, paper-thin leather and soft silk – with sleek silhouettes and contemporary unique oriental design elements.
Photographer Richard Bernardin had no issues in capturing this masterpiece, especially with China’s sought-after models Zhao Lei and Zhang Lina; the concept revolves around a modern, stylish and sophisticated Chinese couple in Paris who embody the arts, culture and luxury. They are world travellers who convey the glamour that is strongly emerging in China today.
Here’s a selection of our favourite looks from the ad campaign.

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SHANGHAI TANG: Autumn / Winter 2013 Ad Campaign-am_il_v1001_i_6928875f9fbb39521f829518454e47c815_6c8bfbff94e011188956ac6b4f3322d685
SHANGHAI TANG: Autumn / Winter 2013 Ad Campaign-am_il_v1001_i_bc7b19f25bf18a94bcd835023ba4120f39_63cfb82d61e236f3b96f8642eade302b45
SHANGHAI TANG: Autumn / Winter 2013 Ad Campaign-am_il_v1001_i_7bd5b09da6d6bac9927fb64785462e2775_eaeb404b67aff4cb631e642f52713e4e08
SHANGHAI TANG: Autumn / Winter 2013 Ad Campaign-am_il_v1001_i_1e11d08d70845e32ae1bf6085290fa7105_d5ee4ec2dcb59349b1b864ea49aa405e36
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