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The art of craftsmanship isn’t an eighth wonder, but it comes pretty close. Admit it, you love all things beautiful. We’re with you. In a world where a premium is placed on expediency, real craftsmanship is shoved into an abyss, and we can’t bear to see that happening. Lucky for us, there are some who are still capable of recognising this fact and doing something about it. That will be the folks behind The Balvenie (owned by William Grant & Sons), distillers of fine single malt whisky since 1893.

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As the only single malt whisky handmade the traditional way, The Balvenie’s known for its rich, sweet and smooth character. It’s got a distinct quality, a kind that comes from passion, care and attention to detail, thanks to a team of craftspeople at the distillery, many of whom have been working there for many decades. Its Malt Master, David Stewart, the man behind the whiskies, is the whisky industry’s longest-serving Malt Master, with 53 years experience at the distillery.

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True craftsmanship has a purpose, and in celebration of this very art, it has launched The Balvenie Commission, a website and bursary fund that supports craftspeople all over the world. The website is home to three different sections:


Immerse yourself in various articles contributed by guest writers from around the world sharing their different opinions and perspectives on craftsmanship. The site launched with pieces by Hole & Corner’s editor, Mark Hooper, on the ubiquity and authencity of craft claims; Cool Hunting’s New York writer David Graver who hit the streets to meet local makers; and Atlas Quarterly’s Laura Palmer who profiles Italian tailor Nino Corvato who has dedicated his life to his work.


A real artisan knows the difference between good and great, so it is probably for the best that The Balvenie engages one’s help. Their Commission bursary fund supports craftspeople by helping them to create bespoke pieces and in the Commission section of the site you can feast your eyes on the results of this; articles on a slew of cool projects by people like James Rogan, a well-known documentary film-maker, and Sam Chinnery, a Scottish wood craftsman.

Craft News

Here’s where you can take a little break from Facebook. This section is your newsfeed that will keep you updated on the latest and most relevant in the world of craftsmanship through an amalgamation of content from sites and magazines.

Educate yourself at www.thebalveniecommission.com

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