Local burger deliveries in KL and PJ are on the rise, and we’ve got a list to satisfy your cravings.

As we’re stuck indoors again, perhaps it’s time for a treat in the form of a burger, preferably delivered to you. After all, you shouldn’t stop yourself from making the best out of a bad situation. And food is always a good cure for this sort of thing and we have the perfect item — local burger deliveries.

Malaysia is well-known for its street burgers (also known as Ramly burgers), which gets its name from the brand that created the meat patties. Street burgers have been around for a long time now but are slowly fading away due to COVID-19. Of course, it was thanks to the coronavirus that a new wave has washed up, which is local burger joints which also do deliveries.

What started out as a way to just make ends meet for some has since become a fully-fledged business model. Fret not as we’ve included both iconic restaurants and cafes as well as local chefs and businesses who’ve had to adapt accordingly to survive.

1. barely legal burgers
barely legal burgers
Image courtesy of Barely Legal Burgers

Since the beginning of MCO, many people have taken to starting a food delivery business to make ends meet. Barely Legal Burgers started out during this period and has since transcended itself to more than just a regular burger joint. Its gourmet burgers are cooked to order and each of it features its own personality and flavour profile. What makes Barely Legal Burgers different from many others is the creativity in each burger. This ranges from a spicy Korean fried chicken burger to a vegan burger and even a Balinese-inspired chicken burger.

2. Mean mince
mean mince burger
Image courtesy of Mean Mince

Mean Mince is definitely one of a kind when one thinks of local burger joints in town. Home of the deep-fried burger, Mean Mince operates out of Mutiara Damansara with a very loyal following. Mean Mince also serves up a great selection of burgers and sandwiches to choose from. The MM Sliders are a good choice if you’re looking for something bite-sized; The Monster is a large buffalo chicken burger that will have you stuffed in no time at all, and then there’s the MM Deep-Fried Burger, introducing a new way to enjoy your burgers — in a deep-fried shell with cheese.

3. sixty bites
sixty bites burger
Image courtesy of Sixty Bites

If you’re somewhat of a local burger connoisseur, you will definitely know of Sixty Bites. This local burger joint has been operating out of TTDI for quite some time now, using only the freshest of ingredients for its burgers. What makes Sixty Bites different from many others is that its burgers are unique. Sixty Bites is also doing delivery now, which you can check out through the link provided. Don’t forget to try its signature burgers like the Maui with a chicken patty and a pineapple slice; Chezburger for its own take on the popular cheeseburger, and Chilichez, which is a chilli cheeseburger.

4. fowlboys
fowlboys burger
Image courtesy of Fowlboys

Much like the increasingly popular Nashville-style fried chicken, Howlin’ Rays comes a local favourite — Fowlboys. There are only two burgers on the menu and both consists of buttermilk fried chicken patties. Both the Motherclucker 2.0 and The OG are the same exact burger with one key difference — the former features garlic mayo and jalapeño slaw while the latter has spicy mayo alongside pickled jalapeños. That’s not all though; Fowlboys also has Batter Up, which is its own rendition of the classic chicken and waffles. Its Get Wrecked Rice Bowl is its own interpretation of ayam gepuk/geprek with hand-pounded homemade sambal with its buttermilk fried chicken as well as other ingredients.

5. Dewakan
dewakan sandwich
Image courtesy of Chew On This

If you feel like you’ve heard of the name Dewakan before, it’s because it was the first Malaysian restaurant on Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2019. Aside from the award, Dewakan also moved from its first location to Platinum Park in the heart of KL. Being a fine-dining establishment, Dewakan specialises in creating intricate dishes while utilising local ingredients to its fullest. It also offers a delivery service for its burgers and sandwiches, most notably the Dewakan salted-egg squid sandwich, tucked in-between a potato and onion bun. It also serves up grilled beef and fried chicken sandwiches, all of which is available by simply reaching out to Dewakan via their phone number below or on Instagram.

6. woodfire kl
woodfire burger
Image courtesy of Woodfire KL

When it comes to local gourmet burger deliveries, Woodfire KL should be one of the names to consider. Having been around the block for a long time, Woodfire KL has a total of six different locations serving up its amazing burgers. Cheras and Ampang are too popular locations whereas JB has two locations as well, with one in Desaru Coast. Strictly a burger delivery business, Woodfire KL only operates during lunch, evening, and dinner as well as being closed on Mondays. Woodfire KL’s burgers are also gargantuan, to say the least — the brisket burger remains to be a crowd favourite while the smoked burger and the stuffed cheeseburger are also popular choices.

7. epicurean by Banyan tree
460 gold burger banyan tree
Image courtesy of Banyan Tree KL

Banyan Tree Kuala Lumpur is one of the country’s more luxurious hotels with fantastic views of the KL city skyline. It also has plenty to offer when it comes to food with Altitude and Horizon Grill stealing the show (in more ways than one). With the pandemic causing everyone to stay indoors, this five-star hotel is bringing its meals to you through its latest service, The Epicurean by The Banyan Tree Kuala Lumpur. The Black Angus burger is a staple item on the menu but its latest is The 460 Golden burger, which features a Truffle-flavoured bun adorned with 24K gold leaves, foie gras, veal bacon, and a double Kyushu beef patty. No prizes for guessing how its name came to be.


This article first appeared in Lifestyle Asia KL 

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