One of the most important Indian festivals in the world, Diwali or Deepavali is celebrated in many different ways. While some cultures worship Goddess Laxmi, some worship Goddess Kali on this auspicious day. One thing that unites everyone though, is the food. No Indian festival is complete without a sumptuous feast, and Diwali is no exception. This one time when the entire family comes together, what better way to celebrate than by making traditional Diwali or Deepavali recipes together?

Since the biggest and most awaited event of the year is just around the corner on October 24, you might want to try some traditional Deepavali recipes for a gastronomical journey this festive season. We have compiled a list of all the recipes you can make this Diwali to make the festive season extra special.

Best traditional Diwali/ Deepavali recipes


Every day can be samosa day, but on Diwali, this crispy fried snack becomes a must-have. Whether you are throwing a party or getting invited to a potluck, samosa is one of the traditional Deepavali recipes that you can never go wrong with.

Aloo tikki

The life of every party, you can never go wrong with aloo. Whether you are a vegetarian or not, this versatile vegetable is loved by one and all. A savoury dish, aloo tikki is a crispy fried potato patty that is topped with sweetened yoghurt and chutneys and sprinkled with bhujia and herbs. 10/10 on taste!

Chakli or Murukku

This traditional Diwali recipe is a popular snack that is known by different names in different parts of the country. Made with rice flour, this snack is not just tasty, it’s healthy as well. With simple ingredients, you can make this recipe for your tea-time family chat sessions also.

Paneer tikka

Who doesn’t like paneer tikka, right? This savoury paneer dish that’s loaded with flavours and melts in your mouth is the perfect appetiser for your Diwali gatherings. This is one of our favourite traditional Deepavali recipes that you can never go wrong with.

Aloo bhujia

Can you even imagine Diwali without aloo bhujia? Instead of buying a packet from the supermarket this time, try making yours at home. Perfect tea-time snack, aloo bhujias are easy to make and just go off the plate in no time.


This staple Indian sweet is a must-have on festivals. Crispy and dipped in cardamom-saffron sugary sweetness, jalebis aren’t difficult to make. You just need to get the dough right and bam! You can even let your family swirl the dough in oil and this could be a fun activity for everyone.

Sooji halwa

From birthdays to special occasions, sooji halwa is a staple in Indian households. It also makes for a great traditional Diwali recipe. Because it is simple, quite easy to make and gets ready in no time, yet very high on taste.

Kaju barfi

This year, instead of buying kaju barfi from a sweet shop, try making it at home for that authentic touch to this traditional Diwali recipe. Made from cashew nuts, this is a delight and unarguably, everyone’s favourite.

Gulab jamun

Saving the best for the last, gulab jamuns are the OG Indian sweet. To imagine a festive spread without ending it with gulab jamun is like a crime. Dough balls are deep fried and then dipped in rose-flavoured sugar syrup and served as little balls of goodness.

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