THE holy month of Ramadan is just around the corner…which means it’s time for the annual onslaught of Ramadan bazaars and iftar (breaking fast) gatherings. If you’re looking for a different sort of berbuka puasa experience, give Nobu Kuala Lumpur’s Twilight Symphony Menu a shot. The family style 4-course menu by Executive Chef Philip Leong offers you the chance to indulge in a medley of Japanese-Peruvian flavours along with some local tastes for a memorable dining experience.


The Cold Platter


Our dining experience kicks off with the cold platter, which comprises dates, crispy shiitake with betel leaf, salmon new style and clear soup.

You can be forgiven if the presentation for the crispy shiitake with betel leaf reminds you a bit of tacos. Each leaf forms a “shell” containing strips of deep fried mushroom that’s been flavoured with sweet miso sauce, and every bite results in an audible crunch across the table.



Meanwhile, the salmon new style definitely isn’t your typical sashimi platter. The strips of salmon are lightly seared on one side, thanks to the combination of heated sesame and grape seed oil that’s been drizzled over the fish. In addition to the soy sauce flavouring that’s ubiquitous to Japanese cuisine, the salmon comes with hints of citrus from yuzu.


The Hot Platter


Next up is the hot platter with baby tiger shrimps, warm mushroom with yuzu dressing and assorted sushi. The fried prawns are succulent, and covered in dressing that’s both pert and creamy. The dish had a subtle hint of spice too, which gave it an unexpected flair and heat.

The stir fried mushrooms serves up a combination of earthy flavours tinged with yuzu and lime, which is a refreshing change to the palate after the prawns.


The Triad of Mains


Don’t get too stuffed though, cause the mains are up next. On the Twilight Symphony Menu are: salmon yuzu butter with crispy leaves, shiso crusted lamb with torch ginger chimichurri salsa and chicken truffle teriyaki.

The salmon arrives in a bed of crispy kale with edible flowers. Scattered amidst the greens are a serving of roe, which stands out like luminescent pearls. The grilled salmon is the obvious star here (crispy skin with tender flesh that falls off in flakes), but the roe adds an unexpected burst of flavours to the dish too.



We’ve got to say that the shiso crusted lamb with torch ginger chimichurri salsa is the true show stealer from our time at Nobu KL. The lamb is perfectly tender and juicy on the inside, which contrasts against its crunchy exterior.

The chicken truffle teriyaki, on the other hand, exudes a heady scent of truffles, which complement its sweet and salty teriyaki flavours.


The Dessert Moriawase


The dessert offerings for the Twilight Symphony Menu are inspired by local kuih-muih commonly available at Ramadan bazaars. On the dessert moriawase are crispy sago with soy caramel banana and coconut mousse, nutty pancake with sweet corn, and date cake with cheese frosting. Our pick from the sweets selection is probably the pancake, which is an obvious interpretation of the good ol’ apam balik with black sesame and corn fillings.


Nobu Kuala Lumpur’s Twilight Symphony dinner menu is priced at RM280++ per person and is only available from 6 May to 4 June 2019.

written by.
Anis Taufik
Contributor, MY
Anis enjoys covering the fashion, food, watch and travel beats. He says working out is the cheapest form of therapy available, but really, it’s a cover up for bingeing on Nutella on toast.

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