The country is in a dire situation the moment you hear of a lot more food banks being set up to give out food aid to a growing number of the population.

The Covid-19 situation coupled with political turmoil has sadly led us to the current state, with white flags flying and more food aid then ever being necessary.

A food bank is usually set up by a non-profit organisation that collects and distributes food to hunger-relief charities. However, a local government ministry also has a similar initiative. Food banks act as food storage and distribution depots for smaller front line agencies and typically does not give out food directly themselves to people struggling to survive.

food aid
Foodstuff stored in food banks should typically not spoil as fast – with fresh produce added directly during distribution days

Here are a number of organisations providing food aid, which you can either reach out to or contribute to, should you need or are able to.



Food Aid Foundation is where manufacturers, distributors, wholesaler, retailers, companies or people can  donate their unused or untouched food which is still edible to be collected and distributed to charitable/welfare homes, volunteer welfare organisation, poor families, destitute and soup kitchens.

Call: 03-92265500 or email: [email protected]



Kechara gets its surplus-food collection from hypermarkets, wet markets, hotels and bakeries, which is distributed to those in-need. After which the donated dry food provisions are stored at its Food Bank premises and distributed before the expiry dates.

Call: 6010-3333260 or 03-21416046 or email: [email protected]



Our readers should already be well acquainted with this organisation. As the name suggests, they save ‘lost food’ by rescuing tons of surplus food each week and gives it to our charity partners, who in turn use this food to provide nutritious meals for Malaysia’s most vulnerable people.

Email: [email protected]



Started by local comedian Harith Iskander, this NGO focuses on providing humanitarian aid, medical relief, sustainable health development during both crisis and non crisis times – in the view of alleviating human suffering.

Call: 019-7093103


Meanwhile, if none of these seem to suit you, or if you’re not within the greater Klang Valley area, check out this website to find something closer to home.

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