With Mid-Autumn Festival fast approaching (September 10, to be specific), you know it’s about to be #MooncakeGalore. Mooncakes that are traditionally round creations with classic flavours such as lotus and red bean, are now also being offered in more unique variations. And we’ve rounded up a list of the most unconventional mooncakes worth trying this Mid-Autumn Festival 2022.

Instead of the usual types of mooncakes many grew up eating, these unorthodox options are now available in the market for you to experience. Some are made with interesting ingredients, while others are infused with booze, and the rest are a feast for both the eyes and stomach. Looking for something truly uncommon? Read on for our picks.

Try these unconventional mooncakes in KL this Mid-Autumn Festival 2022

Jobbie and Vanilla Crepe

Described as the first crypto Mooncrepe collection, each box comprises four special Mooncrepe with different flavours. They include Terra Luna – Rainbow Vanilla (a rainbow vanilla crepe cake), Shiba Inu – Jobbie Classic Chunky (crepe cake with peanut chunks), Ethereum – Tropical Fruit (crepe cake with mango and peach), and Bitcoin – Jobbie Classic Creamy (a crepe cake with the addition of Jobbie Classic Creamy Peanut Butter). In addition, each purchase allows you to redeem one free Mooncrepe Rabbit collection NFT (Non Fungible Token) as well as a lifetime discount of 10 percent at Jobbie and Vanilla Crepe’s respective online stores.

Price: RM148 per box

For more information or to purchase, visit this website.

Lavy and 1664 Blanc

On the lookout for beer-infused mooncakes? Consider the Mooncake Collection from Lavy, made in partnership with 1664 Blanc. Each box set consists of two 1664 Blanc-infused mooncakes (one with 1664 Blanc and another with 1664 Rosé) and two bottles of 1664 beers — 1664 Blanc and 1664 Rosé. Created with momoyama skin, the unconventional mooncakes are best enjoyed this Mid-Autumn Festival 2022 when paired with sips of chilled 1664 beers. PS: A gentle reminder that the mooncakes are available for non-Muslims aged 21 and above only.

Price: RM165 per box

For more information or to purchase, visit this website.

Johnnie Walker and The Ice Cream Bar

The Ice Cream Bar and Johnnie Walker Ice Cream Mooncake
Photo by The Ice Cream Bar and Johnnie Walker

Here’s another one for the history books. The Ice Cream Bar and Johnnie Walker have collaborated on the first ever Johnnie Walker ice cream mooncake. Created with Johnnie Walker Aged 15 Years Sherry Finish at the core, the full bodied ice cream mooncake — aptly named Johnnie Walker Whisky Cream — is coated in a layer of chocolate and comes with an orange truffle at the centre. In addition, the mooncake comes with a generous topping of fine chocolate chips. Each two-piece box is accompanied by a reusable bag and a set of premium cutlery. The alcoholic mooncakes are for non-Muslims aged 21 and above only.

Price: RM99 per box of two mooncakes

For more information or to purchase, visit this website.

Oh Cha Matcha (OCMC)

Oh Cha Matcha - unconventional mooncakes 2022 - mid-autumn festival 2022
Photo by Oh Cha Matcha

Returning for Mid-Autumn Festival this year are OCMC’s limited edition signature snow skin mooncakes. Described as sugar-free and dairy-free, the handcrafted mooncakes now come with a new Gyokuro flavour — in addition to Matcha (Matcha snow skin), Hojicha (Purple sweet potato snow skin), and Genmaicha (Blue spirulina snow skin). The newest flavour is presented with beetroot snow skin.

Price: RM69.90 per box with four mooncakes

For more information or to purchase, visit this website.

Crème De La Crème (CDLC)

Can’t get enough of artisanal ice cream mooncakes? You might want to check out Crème De La Crème’s modern creations for 2022. Each set of ice cream mooncakes from CDLC come with four designs — Moon Rabbit, Hamtaro, Chang E’s Fan, and Chang E’s Elixir. Each piece of CDLC’s edible art is said to require about six hours to make by hand. Flavours range from Pu’er chrysanthemum and Japanese Genmai to Sakura and Oolong tea.

Price: RM135 per set

For more information or to purchase, visit this website.

Licky Chan

Licky Chan Ice Cream - unconventional mooncakes 2022 - mid-autumn festival 2022
Photo by Licky Chan

Licky Chan has concocted a special ice cream mooncake for this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival. The six-inch ice cream mooncake is created with silky snow skin, tonka bean ice cream, cacao nibs, and a durian cream centre. Preorders start on 12 August through 011 6410 3677 (WhatsApp) while the ice-cream mooncake can be purchased in store and on Beepit from 20 August 2022 to 11 September 2022.

Price: RM118 per mooncake

For more information, visit Licky Chan’s Instagram.

Valen’s Patisserie

For Mid-Autumn Festival this year, Valen’s Patisserie is introducing ‘Moon Walker’ — a groovy collection of mooncakes filled with explosive flavours. Mooncake flavours include Poppin’ Champagne Chocolate Mooncakes, Matcha Yuzulicious Chocolate Mooncake, Retro with a Twist: Dark Chocolate Raspberry Mooncake featuring a Valrhona Inspiration Raspberry Core, as well as Classic Choco-Loco Hazelnut Praline Chocolate Mooncake. You will also receive a mini retro disco ball with each gift box. Orders can be made by contacting orders@valenspatisserie.com or 011 1180 1420.

Price: RM108 per box of four mooncakes (RM98 until 14 August 2022)

For more information, visit Valen’s Patisserie’s Instagram.

This story first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Kuala Lumpur

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