Amante Picante Margarita

One easy way to take a homemade cocktail from good to pro is to rim the glass. It’s a beautiful presentation and also a great way to add a hit of extra flavour. While the classic example is salt around a margarita, chef Tim Love is a big fan of rimming margaritas with his “bad ass” spice rub. Here, six more sweet, savoury and spicy ideas for rimming a cocktail glass.


1. Ancho Chile Powder

Spicy chile powder is a delicious foil to watermelon-based drinks, like this refreshing tequila cocktail.


2. Lime Salt

For an upgrade on a margarita’s usual salt rim, try muddling the salt with grated lime zest. It’s especially terrific with this spicy, jalapeño-infused margarita.


3. Tang

The Ride Sally Ride was named in honour of astronaut Sally K. Ride. For added effect, the rum-based cocktail is rimmed with Tang.


4. Cinnamon-Sugar

The perfect way to rim a fall-flavoured cocktail like this spiced, apple-y, Calvados-based cocktail.


5. Ginger Salt

At Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Spice Market in NYC, bartenders rim their ginger margaritas with a mix of ground ginger and salt.


6. Salt and Pepper

Assertive black pepper is a terrific addition to cocktails like this tropical tequila.

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