There’s nothing like kicking-off a day with a hot cup of coffee.

A warm mug of the beverage not only gives the much-needed boost for the day but also satiates hunger pangs when served as a dessert. All you need is a scoop of vanilla ice cream and freshly brewed espresso to create the incredible Italian dessert called affogato, and you’re good to go.

Most of you prepare or place an order for your favourite coffee without giving it a thought and have been consuming the same kind for many years. Have you ever wondered why you prefer a certain type of coffee?

Well, it’s similar to the saying that goes like “you are what you eat.” Only here, the coffee you choose for yourself says a lot about the person you are, your likes and dislikes and much more. And apparently, there have been many studies on the various facets of one’s personality based on the type of coffee one consumes.

A study published by People claims that “Cold coffee drinkers are more inclined to spend their time browsing Instagram (27%), while hot coffee drinkers are more active on Facebook (35%).”

The same study also puts forward that “those who prefer cold brew and iced coffee are more likely to prefer sunny weather (40%), binge-watch science-fiction shows (37%), and are more likely to be part of the Gen-Z crowd (40%).”

Another study sheds light on many crucial behavioural traits depending on your choice of coffee. How will you react under stress? Are you easy-going or prefer to control every minute detail? Are you impatient, or does being patient come naturally to you? Are you an introvert or extrovert, and how good a leader are you?

Therefore, whether you are a black coffee lover or a flat-white enthusiast, a seasoned barista can probably tell a lot about you just by looking at your choices of coffee. Intrigued?

Read on to find out about your coffee personality

The black coffee drinker
The black coffee drinker

You are straightforward and like to keep things simple and sorted. Just like your coffee — which you prefer bold, black, with no milk or sugar — you are a no-nonsense person and can come across as stubborn at times. You also steer clear of arguments and conflicts.

Even though patient and efficient, you can be resistant to change — somewhat of an old-school purist, are you?

The ristretto person
The ristretto person

It takes a rare individual to love ristretto — a very strong, concentrated form of espresso.

In Italian, ristretto means restricted. According to Starbucks, ristretto is a “short (restricted) shot of espresso, meaning the barista pulls only the first portion of a full-length espresso shot.”

Those who prefer ristretto are usually self-aware and honest, with a personality as unique as the full-bodied slightly sweet coffee.

You stand apart in a room full of people without trying too hard.

The instant coffee lover
The instant coffee lover

As a person who loves to take each day as it comes and does not plan too much, you like to procrastinate but always look at the big picture rather than the minute details.

If “seize the day” had a face, it would have been probably yours. Living in the present and prioritising your happiness comes naturally to you. Multitasking and spending wisely are also some of your amazing traits.

Just like your coffee, you prefer fast results, love your comfort and have an optimistic persona about you. If you had your brand of coffee, it would probably have the tagline: “Instant coffee, instant comfort.”

The classy cappuccino
The classy cappuccino

If a warm, rich, foamy mug cappuccino is something that brightens your day, then you surely like the finer and sophisticated things in life. You enjoy being around people and are always honest with your loved ones. However, you might seem a little dominating at times.

You like to keep yourself motivated and super-creative. Like your cappuccino comes in a variety of flavours like caramel, hazelnut, mocha and chocolate, you prefer change as monotony bores you. You are always on the lookout for an adventure.

Espresso aficionado
Espresso aficionado

Three qualities that perfectly describe you: hardworking, confident and organised. You are an extremely busy individual and might not find time for yourself.

Your multitasking abilities and efficiency make you an outstanding leader. Plus, you know how to get your work done. With so much work to do, you get a little moody, but you know what you want and nothing deters you from that path.

But ditch that last shot of the bold and bitter beverage, and give yourself a break once in a while, will you?

Iced coffee or frappuccino drinker
Iced coffee or frappuccino drinker

If you love your coffee cold, along with all the sugary goodness of caramel and loads of whipped cream, then you aren’t afraid to be a trendsetter. You never miss seeing the silver lining in every cloud and are young at heart. You love to try new things and can be reckless at times.

There is no dull moment around you, and your imagination and spontaneity keep everyone smiling.

The flat-white enthusiast
The flat-white enthusiast

People who prefer this type of coffee aren’t bothered by what others think about them. They are quite content with being around their family and friends.

Those who prefer soy or almond milk in their coffee might either be adventurous or health-conscious or maybe both.

Filter coffee loyalists
Filter coffee loyalists

The slowly brewed ground coffee, with a generous dose of milk and sugar, requires a lot of patience, which makes it a favourite of those who are, of course, patient and dependable.

Often labelled as the “sensible person” amongst friends, people flock to them when in need of sound advice. In short, they are a voice of reason and are unlikely to do anything impractical.

The latte lover
The latte lover

People who love a good latte are like an open book. They like to keep the people happy and mostly exhibit a happy-go-lucky attitude. You like to soothe the harshness in life just like the ingredients of the beverage are blended to soften the bitterness of the espresso.

You can be indecisive but are fun to be around with as people can be themselves with you. An ideal day for you is spending it at home and watching your favourite shows.

The affogato drinker
The affogato drinker

Similar to your choice of coffee, which balances the bitterness of a steaming shot of espresso with a few scoops of the ice cream, your persona has a fun-loving, sweeter side too. However, you prefer doing things at your own pace and believe in rolling with the punches.

You are more of a night owl and prefer having your coffee after your dinner, as an after-meal treat.

Hero and Featured image: Courtesy Chris Benson/Unsplash

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