What exactly is Boocha, or rather kombucha on the whole? Minus the bells, whistles, and cancer-curing claims, Kombucha is a fermented food. Think cultured yoghurt, cheese, kimchi, sauerkraut, natto, tempeh, miso, sourdough bread, Hawaiian Poi, crème fraiche, belacan, and the list goes on. Fermented foods have been with us for aeons.

While kombucha tea is relatively new to many Malaysians, there’s a steadily growing fan base. Some, like Boocha founder Gillian Chen, first turned to kombucha as an alternative to sugary soft drinks. Others have arrived because this ancient probiotic brew improves gut health and digestion, which results in a robust immunity.

How Is It Made?

In essence, kombucha is what happens when sweetened tea is left to sit for several weeks. With enough time, it turns acerbic, with a translucent, jelly-like layer forming over the top. This is the symbiotic interaction of bacteria and yeast. Called a Scoby, this layer can be harvested for the continued fermentation of yet more jars of kombucha.

As it grows, the Scoby becomes thick and reaches down from the surface with its yeasty tendrils. To produce a flavour profile that was just right, Gillian spent weeks experimenting with numerous tea combinations, and fermentation times to get the right amount of acidic bite. For pure deliciousness, she started adding pureed mangoes, blended grapes and mashed Bentong ginger during the second stage of fermentation.

Using tightly sealed bottles, the brew becomes naturally fizzy, thanks to yeast gobbling up the sugars. Boocha kombucha was born when friends and family kept asking for more. Debuting at farmers’ markets and pop-up events, Boocha has always been a labour of love and pride, because you can only get the right flavours with the freshest ingredients and a ton of love and attention at every stage of production.

Health Benefits

Up 70% of your immunity is found in your gut. It’s where bacteria – on your intestinal lining –  meets your immune system. Some of these bacteria cells spend their lives secreting antibodies to boost your health, and probiotic kombucha is our way of supercharging those beneficial bacteria cells.
On a personal note, Gillian noticed she was no longer falling sick at seasonal intervals throughout the year after drinking her homemade kombucha. Plus, she felt less bloated after meals and experienced more energy throughout the day. Still, she’ll tell you the effectiveness of kombucha is something to be experienced individually because every body reacts differently. What we know for sure is that kombucha offers long term benefits when consumed regularly.
As every batch is brewed, tasted, and bottled by hand to ensure quality, Boocha is still very much a craft product. While several provisions stores and cafes carry this beverage, maintaining a specific flavour profile is a tricky task when working with live cultures and fresh ingredients. Brewed with a combination of black, green and Chinese teas, Boocha has a total of 7 flavours – Bentong Ginger & Lemon, Any Berry (seasonal grapes and blueberries), Mango, Pineapple + Turmeric, Pink Grapefruit, Passion Fruit + Turmeric and Spirulina Mint.


To have Boocha delivered to your doorstep, simply D.M. Gillian on IG at my_boocha or WhatsApp +6012-2202 110

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