While we’re excited that the RMCO has given us fewer restrictions, we’re also pretty sad that bars are still not allowed to open, including Coley KL.

To tide us over in the meantime, we’ll have to continue ordering alcohol deliveries to be our own bartenders, or get cocktail deliveries from our favourite bars. One of those bars includes #48 on Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2020, Coley KL.

We recently got to try some of Coley’s low proof cocktails made with Dolin Vermouth. There are three variants available: Dry, Blanc, and Rouge, all of which are fortified with refreshing fresh juices and herbs. With low ABV cocktails on the rise, this batch of light cocktails fit perfectly with our all-day happy hour — for those of us who are still working from home, that is.

What do they taste like?

Dolin Dry is accompanied with grapefruit and rosemary, making it a good starting drink to kick off the trio. Then again, they’re all refreshing anyway, and if we begin happy hour early in the day, who’s keeping track? Dolin Dry on its own has a light, clean, and fresh flavour profile — camping on that is the zestiness of grapefruit and the light fragrance of rosemary, which won’t drown out the flavours of the vermouth.

Meanwhile, the Dolin Blanc cocktail is made with pear and sage. It’s light-tasting with subtle hints of herbaceous notes, due in part to the sage and the vermouth’s original bittersweet finish. Finally, a personal favourite is the Dolin Rouge with watermelon and dill. Watermelon and dill on its own is a great combination but when paired with the Doulin Rouge, the cocktail turns into a delicious and refreshing drink complementing the vermouth’s bittersweet, herbaceous, and zesty citrus notes.

Because these are so light, you can definitely commit to an entire bottle (which has four servings) on your own. One thing great is that you won’t emerge from it with a hangover or feeling dull for the rest of the day. We definitely would love some low ABV cocktails to go with our lunch on a WFH day.

You got me. How do I order a bottle for myself?

Coley’s low-proof cocktails are available for pickup or delivery at RM80 for a 650ml bottle. To order, call or send them a Whatsapp message here.


This article first appeared in Lifestyle Asia KL

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