There’s a certain level of prestige when it comes to rare cognacs, none as special of course as Richard Hennessy.

An embodiment of 250 years of history, knowledge and expertise of the Maison Hennessy, Richard Hennessy is not only the rarest cognac in its collection but also an exceptional tribute to its founder and history. Embarking on a new era for this luxurious spirit, the Maison Hennessy has proudly unveiled a new design for this exceptional blend.

In a meeting of visionary minds, Richard Hennessy’s monumental legacy finds a contemporary incarnation in a bold, architectural, and graceful decanter in Baccarat crystal, as well as ritual accessories – glasses, a fusil, and a tray – designed by the world-renowned architect Daniel Libeskind.

Immersing himself in the richness of history and dedication of the Maison Hennessy, the architect set out to craft a bottle design that is as visionary as the man who inspired it. To capture the founder’s spirit, he started with a classic cognac bottle shape. It imbues the geometric, crystalline forms of Baccarat crystal with soft, organic curves that bring new energy and complexity to the cognac it contains.

The result is at once intuitive and unexpected — a monumental tribute to a pioneer. A masterpiece for a masterpiece, this aesthetically striking decanter is an art object in its own right that brilliantly expresses the character of Richard Hennessy and the cognac he inspired: visionary, complex, and unapologetically intense.

“There is a complexity, process and structure to cognac, just as there is in architecture,” says Libeskind. “I am inspired by the interplay of history and the future— a particular magic happens when the two come together. And I relish bringing a myriad of ideas from different areas to the design process, because I believe it elevates and brings new meaning to design.”

Exceptionally Rare

Richard Hennessy Bottle

Confident and assertive, the cognac is made from some of the scarcest eaux-de-viex in Hennessy’s reserves, carefully selected and preserved in The Founder’s Cellar on the family estate. Naturally, Richard Hennessy cognac has been crafted in an extremely limited quantity: 12 tierçons, a historic barrel handcrafted in French oak by generations of cooper masters at Hennessy’s own tonnellerie, or barrel-making workshop.

A tribute to 250 years of history, this exquisite blend represents the quintessence of a Master Blender’s savoir-faire.  Selected for their capacity to withstand the effects of time, eaux-de-vie with the rarest, most aromatic qualities have been blended with some remarkable younger eaux-de-vie to create this outstanding and intense cognac. A rich, controlled, timeless experience, it has a unique complexity and incomparable aromas that make a true connoisseur’s cognac.

On the palate, it takes the senses by surprise, revealing a powerful, spicy taste and aromatic notes of leather and candied fruits. These, together with its persistent finish, evoke the adventurous soldier who grew into a visionary entrepreneur.

The Richard Hennessy blend in its tribute coffret and decanter with accessories designed by Daniel Libeskind will be available via the Moët Hennessy Private Client Team. Prices are upon request.

(Images: Hennessy)

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Richard Augustin

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