In their latest pursuit to embrace and celebrate the excellence of one of their proudest creations, the Double Cask Range, The Macallan turned to renowned American photographer, Erik Madigan Heck to help breathe its Double Cask collection to life. And through the lens of his unique and signature style, Heck visually presents his interpretation of the Double Cask Collection in a series of still-life photographs.

The essence of the Macallan Double Cask Collection carries a complex sensorial journey, beautifully balanced by both European and American Oak Casks, sherry seasoned in the city of Jerez de la Frontera, Spain. 

To perfectly capture the collection in a way that radiates its colourful nuances, Heck looked towards the classic paintings of Flemish still life paintings from the 17th century for inspiration. In his own mastery in photography, he perfectly executed each shot, bringing the flavourful notes of the Double Cask collection to life using visual representations of the tasting notes, colour and texture. 

Shot at The Macallan Estate, each of Heck’s abstract photographs, tells a unique story and celebrates the inherent nature that surrounds us, the importance of wood and The Macallan ultimate sensorial experience.

In this collection, three variations of exceptional single malts are presented, which can be consumed both at home and in a bar.


Crafted to perfection with both sherry-seasoned American and European oak casks, this single malt is harmonious to the taste, with distinctive warm notes of vanilla, sweet oak and gentle spice. It is refreshing as it is blended with two defining flavours of the whiskey: lemon citrus and smooth fudge. 

To capture the Double Cask 12 Years Old’s essence in a photograph, Heck displayed the single malt as the centrepiece, adorned with its ingredients and a two-tone purple chiffon fabric – expressing the marriage of the two oak casks that is the very defining feature of the Double Cask range. 


A little sweeter and indulging, this Macallan Double Cask is blended with specially selected hand-crafted American and European oak casks seasoned with dry Oloroso sherry. 

Carefully crafted and matured for 15 years, the aged single malt is meant to bring a jovial experience through its sweet and warm flavours. A golden liquid that is sweet and flavoured with spice, the single malt imparts aromas of apple, dried fruit and butterscotch, balanced with rich notes of chocolate and smooth oak with a finishing touch of gentle spice. 

The still life by Heck depicts the whiskey with a regal colour palette exuding the rich opulence of smooth butterscotch, sweet spice, and its distinctive apple note. As the signature characteristic of The Macallan portfolio, the apple takes centre stage in the picture, reminiscent of the great Flemish still life paintings.


Last but not least is the most aged single malt in the Double Cask collection. The Macallan Double Cask 18 Years Old is crafted in both American and European sherry-seasoned oak casks. 

A marker of extraordinary craftsmanship, the single malt is blended to taste complex and decadent. The golden hues of the whiskey reflect its key notes including treacle toffee, sweet ginger, dried fruits and nutmeg. 

With the delicate vanilla notes from the sherry-seasoned American oak marrying with the spicey European oak, the single malt also delivers a sweeter, warmer taste with character. Erik Madigan Heck depicted this fine single malt using plush gold velvet to bind the image, while nodding to the whiskey’s harmonious balance of flavour and long, warm finish.

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The Macallan Collaborates With Erik Madigan Heck To Breathe Life Into Its Double Cask Collection
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