The Macallan Edition No. 5 is the brand’s very own homage to the diversity and complexity of natural colour. Inspired by a coming together of whisky-making mastery and colour expertise and insight, The Macallan Edition No. 5 single malt whisky celebrates both the distillery’s commitment to natural colour and the intricate process of whisky-making.

From shaping moods to perceptions, colour is a powerful force that can communicate without words. 100% natural in colour, all of The Macallan exceptional whiskies are shaped from time spent in the very best casks; maturing, nurturing and developing character.

The Macallan Edition No. 5

Today, world renowned colour masters at the Pantone Colour Institute have created a uniquely bold shade of purple; reflecting an enigmatic, multi-faceted and intricate combination of red and blue.

With The Macallan Edition No. 5, it is the complexity and precision of the whisky making process which defines this colour creation, showcasing the infinite hues, creativity and expertise which harness the natural colour of The Macallan.

The Macallan whisky-maker Sarah Burgess explained, “We can find much common ground between whisky-making and colour creation and with Edition No. 5 we have been able to explore and celebrate these two art forms.”

The Macallan Edition No. 5

“Whilst colour development starts with mixing basic colours with precision to achieve different shades, for whisky-making, it is the knowledge and understanding of a specific palette of colours from the cask which is the starting point. From here, we can craft the desired character and specific colour of the final whisky,” Burgess added.

Commenting on the collaboration, Laurie Pressman, vice president of the Pantone Colour Institute, said, “As the rainbow’s most complex colour, purple naturally felt like the ideal shade to highlight the equally complex process involved in The Macallan’s whisky-making. This new vibrant shade developed for Edition No. 5 brings to life the exquisite combination of distinctive natural hues found in this whisky.”

Only American oak casks were handpicked for this single malt, primarily for their colour in order to deliver a whisky with a wonderfully full flavour. The result is beautiful sunlit barley colour, accompanied by an intriguingly intense flavour that hosts sweet notes of caramel and fresh fruit combined with oak spices.

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